“A Good Heart Will Always Show You Much More Than You Give” – Opeyemi Aiyeola

"A Good Heart Will Always Show You Much More Than You Give" - Opeyemi Aiyeola - elsieisy blog

Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola, yesterday took to her Instagram page (@opeyemi_aiyeola) to give marriage advice.  This is worth reading for every couple and intending couple.Read what she wrote below:

“It’s not all about sex or romance, and it doesn’t have to basically be about the look or swags. Ideally, I think the standards should be about two opposite intending minds, I mean two opposite sex who have decided to become comforting like minds… Am talking about how best one can find the right partner to build a likely home with. Marriage, of course differs completely from having a home…and even though the two concepts are of the same family. No doubt,the beauty, the look, the stature, the swags and even all the romance all matters at one point or another, but trust me? All these potentially fades away. what I think should matter most and has the potency to last much longer, even till death is the true feelings, the real love, the foundational desire to spend the rest of your life with him or her, no matter what may be. Am not saying there won’t be storm,and of course there will be challenges. But that is the more reason you should make your union more of a home than a marriage. Remember? It’s never a perfect world, so don’t expect it to be sweet while dating or loving? Just be ready to persevere,be determined to endure, to comfort, to love, to care and to hold even when your strength isn’t there? Be his or her strength, and when you seem weak, be his or her strength…trust me? A good heart will always show you much more than you give… Mind you, it’s not all about the money,as those Little things you ignore or don’t count matters in building and sustaining a home. I pray for every willing heart this morning that, true love will sure find and stay with you today

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