First Ever Setswana Poetry Awards Hosted In Botswana

by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere

Peeping through the spaces between O’sZooming through the lens in zoetic rhymesBrowsing through files of alliteration atrocitiesFraudulently acquiring factual funds

Emotional commentaireof a sad love storyTrying to apologize,a way say sorryRuthless expression of a social standing,totally torySometimes, abstract,just scribbles for some gloryA knife to murder speculations,words so gory

It’s not a word with liesPoliticsIt’s a word with livesPoetics

Slowly becoming an expatriate we asylum herSlowly loosing recognition,  we strive with herHaving been given a voice,  I owe her

We teachWe preachWe glorifyWe romanceWe cryWe pour out our viewsCollectively we poeticise

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