Friends With The Other Me

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry by Lady Cyrstabel Tamakloe

It has always been me

Alone with my thoughts

Till the other me walked in

It was hard making an acquaintance coz like a turtle; I was always in my shell

It took a while to get used to him around

But soon it was like he was stuck in, just like a tattoo

Just like two sides of a coin we had our differences

But we needed each other in other to become a resource

We formed a bond so strong, like the covalent bond; inseparable

He took away my boring self and brought out the real me

People didn’t realize it was a friend-ship we were building

They mistook it for a ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’ tale

Or perhaps a ‘’Rose and Jack’’ story

So they predicted it sinking, just like the titanic

They failed to see the rock on which we stood

They failed to recognize the love that we shared

They failed to feel the air around us

Sinking was far from us

Also was breaking free

We started growing old

But even with we were still gold

Already refined

So no need to define

So precious it never rusts

He is a genius and I am his cheerleader

Even though we are miles apart most often, distance is never a barrier

This other me is a treasure, very rare and hard to find

So just like arts, he never bores me

If I wanted a name for him it would be love

Coz just like love, he’s so pure that I could see through him like a crystal

He might be a little rough like a stone

But he’s my Ruby; my precious red gemstone

Red happens to be his favorite color too

Depicting love and sacrifice

That’s soo like him

Just like a red rose he has thorns

Not that piercing though

But lovely and different enough to get your attention

He might not be my favorite color

But he brings out the beauty in my artwork

So just like my favorite color, I like him too

It’s not hard loving him

Not that he’s perfect coz he has his own flaws

But just like Christ, I love him and his flaws

He’s my lucky charm so he’s always around to cheer me

And with a love soo strong as ours, nothing would make it any better

Love always triumphs in the end

So I don’t need a reason to love him

Heaven sent

Mystery sensed

Lovely friend

None can compare

It’s not like I have never been on any ‘’friend-ship’’

But this is an exception

He is not Prince Charming for me to be his Princess

Ours is a tale yet to be known by all

We are still taking that walk and sailing that ship

Longest ride but a walk to remember

We fall, we rise and press on

I never wish for anything coz I have it all here with me

Gold, Genius, Ruby, Rose, Love, Friend

The other me

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  1. Great poetry, but I think you missed your way a bit at the middle, couldn’t get ur flow from then, but you made up for it with a great ending line….that got me

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