Broken Valentine

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Ojo Blessing

He was standing behind me. Some distance apart. His hands dropped sideways. Mine across my chest. The tiny voice of my heart kept calling and beckoning me to make-up with him. I insisted at first. Later on, when I wanted to, it was too late. I woke up to see only myself under the shade of a mango tree in front of my resident where I slept.I’ve been having a similar dream since Kelvin and I parted. I still have a soft spot for him. But, I doubt if he still loves me the way he used to before fuel subsidy removal popped up in January 2012.

Kelvin and I were both living at Abuja, though we are from Energy.  Our parents were at Enugu too.  I relocated to Enugu in 2010 for the purpose of pursuing higher education. He often pays visit three times in a year to see my now ugly and irritating face, that he once termed a resplendent, radiant and graceful face. Also, to see his parents.All his visiting time were festive periods-December ending to early January, valentine day and Easter period. I enjoy his visits during valentine day because that was the day we celebrate our love. It reminds us of the colourful event surrounding our first meeting in a park on February 14, 2008.

Valentine day was so special in my life. Kelvin visits a day before the celebration of love. He stays with me of campus, unlike the other two visits. He stays with his parents. But we do see each other. On the D-day, we will dress in white, different from others that wear white and red. We will visit park to remind each other of the promise ‘never to let go.’ It says all his idea. ‘The white,’ he said ‘is a symbol of my untainted and so spotless love for you.’  And I believed him until fuel subsidy removal came up on Sunday 1st January, 2012.

Kelvin was with his parents at Enugu where he lodged for Christmas and New Year celebrations. We both visited each other. It was time for him to return to Abuja. Transport fare became more than thrice the initial. His parents were not financially buoyant. So, he spends his little savings whenever he visits his parents, leaving only his transport fare, or a thousand above. This time, things took a turn for the worse, but he needed to return to Abuja where he worked as a security officer for a school. I was stranded.

Each morning, I’ll look up to heavens to make wishes. I’d wished my dad had given me my school fees or house rent. I’d wished I learned a tactic I knew I lacked-pester power. I would have used it on my father to get money for the one I loved.

All my effort to assist Kelvin fell into a deep well. It wasn’t my fault though that fuel subsidy was removed, but I blamed myself. I felt I’ve not done enough to raise the fund for his trip.

Kelvin was troubled. It remained just two days for his work leave to expire. I was scared of him becoming ill. It would be double trouble. This was a test of love. It was a time for me to provide a proof of my love for him. Indeed, I wanted to be a friend in need.

After sometime, an inner voice spoke into my ears. ‘If I were you, I would sell my belongings to get him the money,’ the voice said. I thought about it and I decided to sell some of my late mother’s gold jewelries.

Afterward, I gave him all the money I made from the sale and said to him: ‘my love for you is not of words but of deed. I sold my inheritance to get you these. Please keep me in the most holy and sacred part of your heart.’

His words that fateful day were not different from the ones I’ve heard from him before. He said: “I love you Helen. And I know you do too. The chord that binds our hearts together will forever add strength every day and add insignia at every dawn of valentine day.”  I began to miss him that moment before his departure to Abuja.

Kelvin sent his greetings to me on arriving Abuja. Few days later, I received a text confirming that he was ill. I called and told him I will visit, without considering the financial implication. True, I still had some of my late mum’s jewelries, but I wanted keeping them for future occurrence. Perhaps, selling some to get money to pay a surprise visit to him during Valentine’s Day. I don’t expect him to come to Enugu. I was aware of his circumstances. I couldn’t just afford to miss the 4th anniversary of our love-my first love. It was Kelvin’s third.I called him on the morning of the day I promised to visit. I broke the news to him. “Why did you break your promise to come? Why?” He queried. I could detect it from his tone that he wasn’t pleased. I promised to make-up with a surprise; something that thrills him. He concurred.

I traveled to Abuja on February 13, 2012 in order to fulfill my promise. I bought a white t-shirt, trouser and underwear for him. I lodge where I was before I relocated to Enugu; my aunt’s house.

On the following day, I dressed in white and headed for Kelvin’s house. I had no iota of doubt that he will not be displeased. I’d fixed his favourite weavon -Rihanna- a hairstyle I fixed on the 14th February, 2008. That, he said made him came after me. I took the clothes I bought for him along.

I knocked on his door. There was no response for the umpteenth time. I pushed the door. It opened and a quick loosened movement in different directions on Kelvin’s bed occurred, as though a cat sets itself free from a cobra that weaved itself round it. He was with another girl. He did what he vowed never to do as long as I remain his.

“I can explain,” he said. Short of words, I ran out, dropping the gifts I brought for him in his room. That was the last good thing he received from. He never came back to plead. I returned back to Enugu that day. But his appearance hunts me because he was my first love.

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  1. Helen please keep your love candled, He knew he has failed he might posibly be trying out ways to seek your pardon. You do love him Helen. Beautiful write up Blessing Ojo

  2. Good write up uncle. I’ve learnt from this. When I grow I wouldn’t make such mistake

  3. Awesome! I feel the pain of Helen. You source of inspiration will forever add strength.

  4. A very interesting piece u got here. A story that u will read and want to read over and over, I celebrate u our young writer Blessing, this shows that you are yet to unfold what u have in the entire Nigerian literary community and the world at large. Keep doing what u know how to do best, u will go places.

  5. Wow what a nice and good story we have here we can use this to learn keep it up ok

  6. Test the geniuness of your love by surprise visit is the best way to go. Helen should forget the past and move on. Blessing is a gifted writer. Keep it up

  7. Words woven like fabrics. Feelings well expressed. I pray to see the day you would pick an international award with the words of your pen

  8. Waow.This is great.Love in the air.Thumbs up my brother from another mother.Great Piece.Keep up the Good work.God Bless You.

  9. Nice piece of writing. You need a mentor to shape you well. Your creativity is awe.

  10. It hurt to experience such. Well done for your creativity Blessing. Hope to read more of your master piece

  11. I did not know you are a writer, Blessing. It is a priviledge to read this. I am sure you will win this because non of these pieces match yours. I read almost all. Keep it up

  12. Blessing, you are a sage! Just look at the way you mixed and blended fuel subsidy with love

  13. This contest shouldn’t be determine by the number of comments. In this condition, fantastic write up like this don’t win. Whatever come out this my dear, don’t be discouraged. You are a good writer

  14. Fuel subsidy removal and love, just like rice and beans blend together. I am in love with this write up. Keep it up

  15. You are good. Is it possible for me to get more of your written words? Call me on this no please 07057211122. thanks

  16. I’ve noticed your intelligence right from our secondary school days. Who could ever believe you didn’t offer literature?

  17. Wow! Nice creativity…. Not everybody deserves sacrifice. But we just have to keep sacrificing for love. Well written BLESSING

  18. You shouldn’t have studied chemical engineering, Blessings. You should gone for journalism or mass com. You are extremely brilliant

  19. This beautiful piece shouldn’t be judged by number of comments. It reduce its worth. Well don’t retire

  20. Omo see blending. Subsidy removal… I was also a victim then… Thanks for the reminder

  21. Ojo, do you know that you touch many lives with this piece? Those that nurtured the plan of cheating on their partner in the name of Valentine would think twice. I’ll share this link to my way***d friends. I’ll share to everybody. I wish I’ve read this earlier. God bless you

  22. Interesting. You kept your readers in Suspense at the start of the story. Well done

  23. You just kept growing day after day. Hope to see you grow iron wings soon. I wish u success in this

  24. U are a footballer, football analyst, a comedian, a chemical engineer in the making and a writer. OJO you are versatile!

  25. I benefited from this a lot. Will share this… This token as my Valentine gift to my choir members. Thank you

  26. Me and my babe will put on pure white today, like Kelvin and Helen. But will never cheat on my angel Damilola… Thank you great writer

  27. Helen tried. I would have use something sharp on him, cut him deep to engrave my name in his memory. You try Blessing

  28. Oladele James… Do u have problem writing your name? Lol…. Well written piece, BLESSING. But if James try such with me, I will send him beyond. Lol??????????

  29. More wisdom from above is what I beg my God to give you. Success us yours. Kudos.

  30. Blessing, I am waiting for the day you’ll be named internationally. True I’ve heard your on radio within Abuja…. Not enough! You will get there by God’s grace

  31. A beautiful piece of writing. My attention was captured from the beginning tithe end. Thanks for sharing the link with me

  32. Blessing, you are outstanding. You persistently send me the link to this perfect work until I decided to read this story now . It’s ok. Very okay

  33. Amazing writer! May u soar high like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and their likes. Amen

  34. Let’s be honest. This accolade should be Blessing’s because this is a master piece. Every line is interesting, from the beginning to the end plus the mixture of fuel subsidy removal and love. Seriously, Joe Black ti take over

  35. Let’s be honest. This accolade should be Blessing’ because this is a masterpiece. Every line is interesting, from the beginning to the end plus the mixture of fuel subsidy removal and love. Joe Black ti take over. ????????????

  36. Only you, a chemical engineer, a footballer and a writer. Thanks for this one. I enjoyed it

  37. Something similar happened yesterday. As if u see vision. Or do u foretell?……. Prophet prof Blessing Ojo

  38. Omo c brain box. Experimenting with things that have nothing in common. Only brain box fit do that kind thing. Take ?

  39. D. O. S well done. Your success in writing will soon be like riding a flying horse.

  40. Hehehe! I beg make una come see fiction wey dey like non-fiction. Carry go, Blessings. U too much jor

  41. The theme of the story is heart break. Fuel subsidy removal broke Nigerians heart. Kelvin broke Helen’s heart. I love this

  42. Heart break occur most during Valentine. Who knows how many hearts were shattered yesterday. Thanks for bringing this up for at least the masses to read.

  43. I’ve been so engrossed in thought since I read this. You touched me so deeply. Thanks for sharing the link with me

  44. I am in ?with this piece and the writer. But I don’t want to break my guy’s heart ?

  45. Even if you don’t win here, don’t feel bad. Because in this type of competition best writings don’t win.

  46. Blessing get over here. Why trailing the footsteps of another. You are pathfinder man with only this piece

  47. OMG… Two side of the same coin… Meaning. both Males and females are victims of themselves

  48. Killer or master piece? What is it called self? Anyway… It’s both… Lol stupidity has taken over me just because of this piece of yours