Her eyes,were as white as a silky satin not worn beforeor as the clear untainted clouds.Her pointed nose as a pencil tipand her little lips were partly whitedue to the harmattan,and when she smiled,her dimples glowed-though the one on the right was slightly deeper than that on the left, i never did get to measure the depth,for she was adorable in a subtle manner.She spoke of having a dog pet,I was never a fan of one from birthbut if I could turn some annoying humans into creaturesshe would definitely have her chihuahuajust so that I could behold her amazing smile.If she had gone to TexasI probably won’t be writing thisor seen her in a multicoloured top,a dark joggers and purple painted hand nails.For that was just who she turned out to be andregardless of who she was on the inside: her pain, her past or her thoughts; plain or twisted,she is an angel and a serene one to be exact.

— Serene was written by Chidera nnaeto esq.


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