How to find a Naija babe that doesn’t like money

So you are here to come and see how to find a naija babe that doesn’t like money right? I will tell you how. It’s very easy. All you need is just to follow through a few steps I will be giving out shortly. And trust to land that non money lover babe. Remember to thank me later. 

  • Make money – yes my dear, you need to make money and enough money at that. You wonder how that would help you find a naija babe that doesn’t like money…. stay with me. When you have enough money some certain amount of money won’t be a problem when it comes to spending. How much would you possibly spend on a babe? Buy her a car? Which she would ride for a minimum of 2years of course before wanting a change desperately especially when she can’t afford one herself. Then you probably buy her a house, which is almost forever and occasional shopping and outing. Basically, let’s be frank, if your babe is comfortable you don’t spend much anymore and you would begin to see she doesn’t like money. All she wants is to have you by her side, giving her a good body massage and vice versa.


  • Show love in the modern way – showing love involves money, I like it when we are truthful to ourselves. We have gone past the days when love is proved by showing how much muscle you have, how many plots of farm land you can cultivate at a go. My dear, you have to surprise her with gifts and she has to do same too and reciprocate it well, not a pack of handkerchief in exchange for an expensive phone, it’s not a one sided thing. You have to go on dates and as long as you don’t have shares in restaurants, bars and relaxation centres where you reside, you have to pay, even if you do, you are paying indirectly


  • Be faithful – achieving all 2 steps listed above would be easier and less strenuous to the pocket if you can stick to one woman. As far as am concerned, this last step paves beautiful stoned way to find a naija babe that doesn’t like money. She would rather like you and spend your money with you. Nicely, economically and fruitfully.

 Like Orezi sang “what is the need of having all the money if you no fit to jaiye” Money is meant to be spent, when you find a very lovely looking naija babe who is ready to spend your money with you in love, that’s actually a very good thing. The bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing” or do you need the bible to break down the responsibilities attached with the good thing. Life is about responsibility and risk my dear. Till I come your way again with lovely tips. Kiss kiss 

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Elsie, you no weh. Imagine me coming here to see useful, enlightening, eye-opening tips. And you’re telling me this. Mscheeewwwwww

  2. There are some galz that don’t fancy your money,all they want is the luv you’re ready to give ’em. but that doesn’t mean you wont @ least take her out for one or two shoppingz…………..I have someone like that as an example *wink*

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