Excapades Of A Social Media Addict – 10 (R-18+)

Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

Click HERE for previous episodesThe ride to Liquid Lounge was uneventful asides getting to see Allen Avenue’s bright lights at night. Got to the party venue and met d place all quiet.“And my mind dey tell dis thing oo, say party no go don start” Gbenga said…“Well no p..call Joke to find out where she dey” I told Richard.While Richard was on the phone, Dapo suggested we visit the bar at Lagos Hotel which was directly opposite Liquid Lounge. We walked in and were walking towards the bamboo erected when Joke walked outta the hotel reception. She was looking funny as usual (she always looked funny in a good way to me). She had a nice short dress clinging to her body as a second dress.“Heeeeyy! You guys came” she said as she clapped and hugged us round. Of course we did. Who would turn down a birthday invitation on a Friday night? I started looking around while she stood and started gisting with us. Gbenga came to stand by my side. “Omo if to say we know ni, we for don arrange get room for here” he said as we both looked upwards to the hotel logo.“Yea, we don eff up jare..and I no even sure say vacant rooms go still dey” I replied.We stood outside, took a couple of pictures (Dapo was obsessed with photographs, if he was brushing his teeth he’d take a picture. Pretty sure he took pictures of himself while sleeping sef, don’t know how tho)..I wasn’t a fan of the camera..can’t even recall an instance I actually sat and took pictures of myself. Always feeling I’m too ugly for the camera and I think its pretty much true.“Which twitter babe dey here already?” Richard asked Joke..I paid more attention to them“Dat Edo babe is around and some other girls” She replied as she started listing.I recognized the handle *Dat Edo babe*,I think I started following it a few days ago sef. I pulled my phone outta my pocket and quickly scrolled through my “following”.. Wanted to view her avi and know what she looked like b4 hand. Found her and clicked on her avi.. She looked okay. Nothing outta d ordinary, Gbenga who knew what I was doing took my phone off my hands and looked at her avi too.“She no bad” was his comment“Well at least one of us fit set P”. Joke excused herself and said she had to get back to her room. Well we decided to step into the hotel reception and check things out. Met 4 girls sitting on the couch in d lobby. I changed my direction and went towards d girls, Gbenga followed. I found a single seater couch opposite the girls and sat down. Greeted them wit a feeble ‘hello’..they replied with ‘hello’ hi’ and concentrated on their phones. I pulled mine out and went straight to twitter. Wanted to see if there was any buzz about the party. Gbenga on the other hand had also found a couch. After a few minutes of scrolling up and down my TL, I still found nothing. Sighs, hopefully we’d have fun sha. Richard and Dapo came over, Dapo also took a seat while Richard came to whisper in my ear“Dem say cheapest room for here na 10k” I nodded feeling like a godfather. The girls looked up once or twice. We all sat there paying attention to our phones till Dapo said he wanted to buy something at the roadside mallam outside. We all stood up together and headed out..got to the mallam (who speaks fluent Yoruba by d way)..I bought a pack of chewing gum same as Dapo. Then saw a pack of cheap tobacco..“Oga,how much?” I asked“Na 500naira” came the reply..I wasn’t a smoker but hey it was still tobacco.“Make we buy 2..at least e better pass cigar” Gbenga chipped in.Dapo bought 2..handed it over to Richard..Finally! Figured out what had been bugging me..Slippers (palms as we call them) aren’t allowed into clubs. Dapo had fucking forgotten to pack his footwear into his bag..I took a quick glance at Richard’s feet..same thing..fuck. Well, same noni. We quickly deliberated amongst ourselves then decided Dapo and Richard go talk to the Bouncers before the club opened proper. They came back in less than 5mins..the bouncers wanted a tip..no problem then. After lingering outside for a few more minutes, the club opened proper and peeps started moving in. Gbenga and I went ahead 1st..I slipped 1k into the hands of one of the bouncers as I pointed to Richard and Dapo walking up behind us. The bouncer merely nodded and we walked in..checked my phone’s battery (70%) fair enough, I got a spare in my pocket. Got in and picked a round table to sit at. I looked around, noticed about three stripper poles, nice! Found a door which no doubt leads to the restrooms..I saw a passage that leads to another section..maybe that was where Joke had booked for her party..I stood up and proceeded to find out..I was stopped at d entrance to the section by another set of bouncers..told me I couldn’t go in. Well would have to chill till the celebrant came in..speaking of which, where the hell was she?. “We no fit just sit down like this” Gbenga said as I got back to my seat. Music had started playing tho no one had started dancing yet. Everybody was more pre-occupied with making new acquaintances.‘‘Wetin make we order?” I asked Dapo since he was the one funding this outing (his cash was in my pocket). “I no know..just order” he replied..he wasn’t really an alcohol person and I was semi-retired sef. Its all good, I ordered something to kill the night (Vodka and cranberry juice). Thirty minutes on and the club was in full swing..I was still sitted tho, Richard and Gbenga had stood up and started dancing..2 girls had taken up position at the stripper pole close to where we were seated. One was pretty big (sorry jare, lemme say fat), the other had a very tempting physique..nice round ass and dope boobs..she was wearing a net top (don’t know what girls call it, their clothes dey always get funny names nowadays) that made it pretty obvious she was on a tiny pink bra…my cup was empty, I quickly poured up a mixture of vodka and a lil cranberry. Dapo was more content with the cranberry. Joke had come in, spent a few minutes at our table before moving on.To be continued…

Written by Bass ( Twitter – @Bass_ige)

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