Feeling So Strong

Feeling So Strong

As the gentle breeze blowsIt awakens my love and it glowsMy heart reaches out to your loveAnd it skipped 10beats for you, my dove  The feeling we share is out of the naturalIt is one With God that it is supernatural  Your beautiful name makes my head spinAnd your broad smile makes my heart shakeI lost my heart to youAnd I wouldn’t bother searching for it  Ever since our paths crossedI have found lightAnd your skin shines so brightLike a fine polished diamond  You are my treasureA rare gem, like an almondYou are my jewel, Your love brings about a total eclipse of my Heart  Turn around loveAnd show the world your God given giftYou’re all and all can make a pope forget his vows  Turn around love, And let my smooching pen and padAppreciate your breathtaking beauty  I love the you I see in youI love the you I see out of the blueI love you from the stars to the moon 

By Kenneth kelvin Iheyinkem 


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