Our Fairytale – #BlogFest

#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 28, Written by @miss__atingNo Love displayed on earth over any period of time can ever be compared to the one crafted through the flow of a writer’s mind illustrated by his pen.A love so flawless that even the breath of our mate is one of the most interesting things in the world.A love where words like ‘unconditional’ and ‘forever’ is a mere starting point for how much and how far we will go with and for the one we love.A love that takes our breath away over the same thing over and over again, with us never getting tired rather wishing for more.A love that even the pain that comes with it is so unbearable, you can’t move even when you move; Your whole world stops. Nothing makes sense no more.A love that brings out the best in us in unimaginable ways.we’re charmed.Our heart is over flowed.The kiss incomparable.It’s a love so pure, stemming from the deepest part of our heart.It’s a love we all dream about. It’s a love we all want to have.It’s our own little fairytale. Written by -Vanessa AtingBlog- www.nessaating.wordpress.comTwitter handle – @miss__atingFor inquiries, send mails to elsieisy@gmail.com or tweet at @elsieisy 

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