The House XXI

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BODE…”Once we sha reach house, don’t say anything. Let us take care of it, those ashies don do pass themselves“..Sesan told me as we all walked home including Boka who was being as sober as a monk. We all walked with a certain sharpness that you’d think we were heading out to war. I thought once again of Latifah and just imagined Ben’s dick going in and out of her. I bit my lips to hold back tears that wanted to burst forth because I was pretty sure Sesan would slap my 32 off if he saw me crying not to mention Blackky. How could she have done this to me? I wasn’t even pissed about the setup with Yemisi, funny enough. It didn’t even faze me, not even a notch.

We got home and headed straight for Aso rock, no sign of Ben around. Apparently he hadn’t come home after leaving us at Konigba. Whatever jare, who cares? The noise from Aso rock as we approached brought me back to the present.

You dey mad! Common Ashewo! You wan dey claim husband because you hear say he don get work abi?! Your plan won’t work!“…Latifah’s voice came from within…

Shior, see who dey talk? be money money you go dey fuck Benji for abi you think say I no see you when you enter him room this afternoon?!“..Yemisi shouted amidst a few other loud voices.

Sesan stood at the door and paused, he closed his eyes in some apparent prayer and before he could open them, Blackky barged in with his weight taking the door off the hinges.

Darn, this guy weigh o. We all walked in, Bello taking the lead with Sesan walking in last..and there in the room was Yemisi, Latifah, Mimi and some other girl I had never seen before.

Una dey mad ni?! Na una papa get the house ni wey una dey break person door?!“..the girl I had come to know as Mimi spat out..Blackky walked up to her and stood hands akimbo. She shut up.

Ehen Sesan wetin happen?!“..Yemisi frowned up at Sesan who had a smile on his face. Smile ke? We were here for a serious matter and he was smiling.

Yemo yemo, so na because Bode don find work now, you wan sharply tied am down with belle abi. Missed call, e no go work“…He said calmly with his hands in his pocket.

You dey mad ni? Who wan tie who down with belle, you no ask am when he dey pour him sperm inside me abi“…

That one na your business o, just do well go find person wey get the belle give am that na if you even get belle sef true true“…still calmly.

E b like say all of una dey mad“…without warning, Yemisi ran off to a corner of the room and picked up a bottle. Sesan didn’t even flinch but I noticed Bello moving closer to the door. Boka just ran out of the room, typical coward.

SESAN…Matter was going critical o, if I go misyarn I had no doubt Yemisi wouldn’t think twice before breaking the bottle on my head. But I was still standing forming Badass all because of that new girl, omo the girl fine no be small..looked more beautiful than the first night I had seen her here sef. And just like the first time, she didn’t even talk or behave like anything was going on around her.

Yemisi behave o, who you dey pick bottle for abi you no dey look face. If you no even look face, you no fear name ni?!.“..Thank God Blackky spoke up.  Wait, fear name ke? What was my name again o!

I dey two weeks pregnant and na Bode get am! Anything wey una wan talk, make una talk!“..Yemisi spat out looking at the ground.

Which Bode, not my Bode o”…Latifah replied. Haaaa oloribu re oo, she don even personalize Bode. Shit was real, it took all of my strength not to burst out laughing.

shuuuu, see weyreh! According to everything wey I don hear, no be you set am up to dey take fuck classes ni? Na now you con dey talk ‘My bode‘ God punish you there, say amen“….this Blackky na fool, walahi..see as he reply the girl.

Ehhhh please please don’t talk to me like that! Me I am not Mimi oo that you go dey fuck for back of house oo“..Latifah sharp reply.

Ehn, Blackky dey fuck Mimi ke?! When did that happen or when did that start? Now I was confused..

Who fuck who? Abi una even dey mad ni?!“..Mimi turned with full rage to face Latifah who was taking a few steps back.

Ehen he no fuck you ni? Early morning for back of house beside well abi una think say no body see una? I see am well well from that hole wey the fence“..Latifah hissed.

Osanubua oo! So the stupid Blackky was out fucking Mimi and he was telling me he went jogging. I said, who goes out jogging in boxers?..  I turned to look at Blackky…

Blackky guy you fall my hand o“..I said, didn’t want to say more because I sure needed his support here incase things went too physical.

Guy, calm down jare..she say make I help am check if her toto still tight ni“….

Bello bursted out in full laughter leaning by the door. Bode chuckled and yet didn’t say a word as I had warned him not to.

“Oloshi, you don turn doctor abi“..Yemisi now had her advantage.

Oya make all of una calm down jor! Who no dey fuck who? The koko now na wetin we wan do to the Belle?.”..Blackky wan now bringing back attention to the issue at hand.

Nothing is going to happen! Let her go and find any of her customer wey get the belle! Ashewo oshi“..Latifah raked!

No be your fault, shebi na because I help you teach your boyfriend how to fuck, no be your fault“..Yemisi eyed her and hissed. I was scratching my head, what was to happen now. This was a fix.

Bode, how far, you released inside her?“..I turned to Bode who looked shell shocked at the question.

Errrrrm maybe one or twice I think“..he muttered.

Weyreh leleyi gan, you no even sure“..Bello shook his head…

It doesn’t matter if he did or not, the pregnancy is not for Bode! Period!“..Latifah shouted.

Without warning Yemisi flung the bottle at Latifah with brutal force. Latifah ducked and the bottle smashed up against the wall. Everyone screamed and took a step backward. Well technically everyone except the new girl who was busy painting her nails now. Wahala wa o.

Wetin dey happen here?!” ..came the thick voice of Uti at the door, Boka behind him. Great just great as if the day couldn’t get any worse.

Nothing“ was Bode who replied him calmly.

Uti raised one eyebrow at him and said nothing, everyone was as meek as a sheep now even Blackky didn’t say anything.

I don hear everything wey una dey do for my back for this house. Make una well don, una hear.“..He turned to look at Bode who was now staring at the floor..

Dem talk say dem get belle for you, you dey grumble. When you dey carry am go hotel go fuck without condom, you no know abi? Wey you fuck am like dog.”..

Huh? Which hotel had Bode take Yemisi to and how had Uti known how they fuck or whatever..maybe Boka had told him sha.

And you, because you don see working class boy for the house, you wan sit down for him neck. You just get luck say belle na nine months. Na your saving grace be that. Na wetin go happen be this, since Bode no deny say him no release inside you. Na him go dey take care of you till you deliver. Then una go con go for DMA text abi wetin dem dey call am. Any money wey you need for ANTA belle abi wetin pregnant dey go for and feeding allowance, you go come meet me and I go dey help you collect the money from Bode give am to you. Everything henceforth must go through me! Any questions?!“..He rounded off his judgment. Who was I to have any questions?

What if we do the DNA test at the end of the day and I am not the father, would I get a refund of all my expenses?“…Bode just had to ask.

Uti obviously didn’t expect anyone to challenge him.

“If you go play Baba Ijebu and your number no drop, you dey collect refund?!“..and with that he walked out with a smiling Boka behind him.  Everywhere was quiet, noone could say anything.  Latifah hissed and dusted herself and walked out brushing Bello at the door. And with that everyone started walking out one by one leaving the original occupants of the room intact. I was the last to leave and just as I was stepping out I heard a very thick voice…

Oyen A ra“…I looked back in time to notice it was the new girl that had spoken. She even hiss join.

Jesu! The voice was even thicker than Uti’s own! What is it with all these fine girls of nowadays having weird commas. I just shook my head and stepped out. I should just go in and sleep. Every one apparently had headed off to their place of solace to go through today’s events. Bode was sitting in front of the room again, Blackky was already inside I guess, just as I was taking off my slippers and about stepping in..

Who die oo?!! See as house quiet”…

I turned around to see a tall slim guy who looked like the wind was controlling his movement and another guy who looked like it was his stomach controlling his own movement with his face covered in beards. Darn!

Wahidi and Mickole had landed…who said the day couldn’t get any worse?!…..


And this ends season one of this lovely series. I am sure you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to Bass @Olumicfc. THE HOUSE CONTINUES Next year… Gracias!!!

Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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  1. Next year should come quick abeg. I can’t wait. This is more than interesting

  2. Next year ke…ahan not fair now…was really looking 4wrd 2 dis series every friday…dat bode sef na dulling guy…why wud u say u released inside an ashewo..which guy does dat…now I have 2 wait till nxt year 2 find out how dey wud solve dis issue…but its a lovely piece and it got me hooked

  3. Next year ke…ahan not fair now…was really looking 4wrd 2 dis series every friday…dat bode sef na dulling guy…why wud u say u released inside an ashewo..which guy does dat…but its a lovely piece.

  4. HAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!“Guy, calm down jare..she say make I help am check if her toto still tight ni“….That was the height. LMAO!!!!!

  5. I read from episode 1 to the end just today, I couldn’t get enough and I kept laughing uncontrollably… Sesan is my favourite character so far though

  6. Please how can I get to the next episode? I can’t wait to read this hilarious fiction.

  7. Lovely story, I really like it. Different characters different personalities. This can pass for a season film. Thumbs up for the writer.

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