fix one

Many times,I chose tears,As the only way,To express my feeling,When the wickedness,In the world emerges,But I’ll wipe tears away,For expression is fleeting.If sorrow had a head,I mean just one,I will be sworn,To find a way for it to be severed.If bad men had one heart,I know they are heartless,I would try to puncture it,I won’t employ cupid,Am not that stupid.If liars had one mouth,I know we call the double mouthed,I would visit the gravest blacksmith,Ask uncle Smith for the money,Make the largest lock,And all their lies I’ll block.If injustice was human,I would do things inhumane,To ensure I bring him to justice,Am not talking of the clothed justice,Sitting behind a table,With pocket full of money in Bundle.If I could,I would,But I can’t,My voice don’t count,So after this I post,I go to my post,Shed some tears,Inflate my fears,For the future,Read a scripture,Draw hope from Revelation,About when God will move into action,Till then I’ll sigh and groan,Because wickedness have grown,The weed we never planted has grown,I am you,You are me,We are us,It looks like a lost cause,But who knows?Tomorrow is still there,If now is not here. Written by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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