Bleeding Sword

bleeding sword

One (Queen’s move)Dance on my beloved,For soon I shall shed,On our marital bed,Your virgin hymen,your mother will scream amen,And your father will stalk with pride among men.Shake those hips vigorously,Don’t let the beads lie idly,Sway and let Obika watch in jealousy.Oh! For tonight I can’t wait,I often thought I would be late,But now here you are on my plate.The seven cows I paid,Will seem like nothing after we’ve laid,And then we can watch together on those grounds we played.And the wrestling matches I fought,Will all become an afterthought,After my bed skills I have you taught.But come to think of it,This palm wine has lost its taste,And now your body I want to taste.Blast this bloody ceremony,We are wed in holy matrimony,What more do they want from this lonely body?Oh! Its over!Tonight your body my shadow will cover,The dance is Over!Two (king’s move)At last my house is in sight,For this I have lost many nights,And won many fights.Will you be as sweet as you look?Will you scream as loud as your waist shook?Will you still have that shy look?The crickets can shout all they like,And the toads can do what they like,And the moon can hide if it likes,But tonight I am getting what I want,A girl beneath me will pant,And the mattress will with me pant.Can’t this villagers go back?Or do I have to bark?At least home is this bright track,I will lead my bride,And won’t even increase my stride,Defend her with pride.Oh! At last we are here,The maidens laying flowers here and there,Is that look on my bride discomfort or fear?Who cares?Or I should care,For soon her nakedness before me will lay bare.And now the villagers are leaving,I can see Obika heaving,Well I won and with that shame he will be living.Three (king takes queen)Lay on the bed please,And don’t fret just be at ease,I won’t enter without a little tease.Yes, you can touch me,Oh! Right there to please me,Oh! Relax tonight is not all about me.Here we go,Slam! Wrap your legs round me an don’t let go,Slam! Don’t worry the pain would soon go.Slam! Ground that waist,Slam! You can cum I won’t let it waste,Slam! Yes! You are not a waste.Slam! Spread your legs wider.Slam! Oh! Yes! Scream louder!Slam! I am going wilder.Slam! Oh! I am digging deeper!Slam! Yes! Yes! Your fingers are going deeper!Slam! Oh, my dear more than my dream you were better.Oh! Lie with me you don’t have to get up,The mat spread? You’ll do that at sun-up,And my dear there wasn’t in you a hiccup.Press closer my bride,Yes you are my pride,And I’ll love you till I died.She is finally asleep,When the sun has just risen from its sleep,Its time to show the older women that our love will be deep.Four (king)Even as dark as it is,And I can’t use one of my senses,At least the smell of the blood does me please.Under my arm the mat spread stays,I watch on my way a chick that strays,The sun smiles on me and so does its rays.The old women are huddled,A little surprised to see me as I smiled,But they become happy at the mat spread I had bundled.I get into the circle,Without looking at the bundle,Then I saw the smile on their face crumble.I look down at the mat spread,On which I had my new wife bed,Just as Obiageli’s mother wailed.No blood?Oh! Blood!Have the wicked joke been played by the virginity god?Just then Obiageli, my bride, burst in,She looked at the mat spread and something in her gave in,I looked up an my manliness gave in.She sobbed as her mother wailed,The older women wailed,And my strength failed.Amidst tears I asked,”who got you on your back before I did?”,”Obika” she said, Obika was all she said.  Five (stalemate)I ran out form the wailing women,I said no greeting to the grinning ignorant men,I had to get back the blood of my bride’s Hymen.I got to my sword,And without a word,Off to Obika’s I advanced forward.I met a defiant Obika,In his hand a machete more broader,And my sword looked thinner.”Took you long enough!” he spat,”But today word would not be enough” I spat,I could sense the sun rays giving me a pat.The villagers were gathering,The tension was rising,And suddenly the heat was burning.The chief started walking towards us,But all of a sudden Obika galloped towards me like a horse,The chief walked away from us.I fended his first blow,His fist struck low,As it connected with my stomach everything began to glow.But I held on to my sword,I will have that word,Even if it is over a pool of blood.Obika came at me again,I blocked again and again,All I wanted was cause him pain.Six (king takes pawn)Obika was bigger,Obika was stronger,But I was quicker.And now the villagers were chanting,It was not for killing,But for winning.I attacked him,It hit his shoulder and his eyes went deem,I pushed him.”tell me” I said,He answered,”It was she who asked,It was she who begged“.Why? I thought as my eyes wandered,Through the crowd I searched,Till I had her eyes cornered.Shame I wanted to see,But even beneath are tears I could see,Joy? What else could that be?Obika was coming,And I saw it was for killing,I didn’t bother thinking,I went under his machete blow,I put one blow below,And cut is throat in another blow.The crowd gasped in terror,I knew my error,But I didn’t mind, at least not this error.Seven (game over)They’d rolled out the drums,They’ve bathed me in rum,The priest have had his full share of rum.”To the forest!” they chanted,“Banishment!” “Banishment!” some cried,Well it’s all done and said.Obiageli walks to the priest rear,She whispers in his ear,And now she is here.She comes towards me,And she has that dangerous smile I can see,what will this be?She kneels beside my bleeding body,”my dear the fault is not yours wholly“,She finished, “your father was the one that shamed my family“.She walked slowly away,I watched those hips sway,But what did she just say?Her father?Oh! Mazi Azuka,My father had made his meeting with his chi faster.So this is revenge,They dragged me from the village,But then they were meaningless both time and age.My sword lay bleeding on the earth,Rendered useless was our marriage oath,I turned and took my last breath. Written by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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  1. Beautiful poem. Got me reading till the end. Lesson learnt, the best time to watch ones temper is at difficult situations,

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