Another Sad Poem

Another Sad Poem - elsieisy blog

By Stela Xega

I can’t let you goI keep feeding my poor soulWith the idea of you, still But you,You only needed my voiceWhen nobody called How can i be happy nowWhen even my happiness is lanced with sadness?With you. Terrible things happen everyday in the worldAnd i’m always trying to convince myselfThat you not loving isn’t the worst one Believe me when i say i missed youBefore you leftAnd i still miss youI swear i do But you came againTorturing meA little bit at timeMade of fireworksAnd you knew very welli was keen on playing with fire And now I can sit here forevermissing the way things usedto be until my bones acheand my eyes forget what itis like to be salt-free even though my favoritephilosopher says it’s silly towant the past back becauseit was comfortable, and I knowhe’s right, i doI just need … Time What time though?This lifeis a cycle that keeps comingback to how well I walkthrough the fire. And nowHow the hell am i supposed to leave youI can’t.You’re the only thing I love on MondaysAnd I fucking hate everything on Mondays.Image source – 

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  1. Good one, it could get sadder.Waiting on something that will never be is just too sad.

  2. thanks for liking it, there are other poems of mine hope they start posting the others.. i know i am a little sad writter but its funny how artistic we become when our heart is broken?

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