Hungry beaks

Hungry beaks - poetry- elsieisy blog

The earthworm is anxiouslywrithing on the stones in my gardenIts blind eyes breathes the menaceof a catastrophic amountof hungry beaks wanting toeat its flesh aliveSo, I decided to rescue itAnd put it down in the dewy grassLet them birds make some more effortThey already have their bird houseStuffed with sunflower seeds andsome other tasty kernelsI sympathized with the earthwormNot so long ago my soul was hauntedby hundreds of hungry beaksSucking out all of my spirit’s liquidsUntil there wasonly a fragment left of meOne came to my rescueRecognized my inner true beautyDispelled all the hungry beaksMade them disappearOtherwise I would still be the earthwormSquirming around in blind panic© Daginne Aignend

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  1. What I meant by this poem that sometimes you feel threatened, only feel the panic that your spirit shall be devoured by all kinds of mental monsters like the earthworm fears the hungry beaks of the birds to finish it: a comparisonYou can conquer your psychic nightmares by love, which I luckily met before the hungry beaks would swallow me

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