Five Tips on Building an Amicable Work Relationship

Five Tips on building an amicable work relationship - elsieisy blog

Just like love and hate, there is a fine line between friendship and professionalism. You cannot be professional without a bit of friendliness, neither can you claim to be a friendly person and not be professional. Most businesses are comfortable with employees becoming friends with each other, as long as they are able to stay professional and still get work done. But you begin to realise that most employees in this part of the world tend to let that act of friendship blur their understanding of their duty, thereby causing friction and unease to their colleagues. Before you start a professional job, it is important to understand that you are joining a team. This simply means that your inability and ability to do your job will affect the output of the organisation positively or negatively. It becomes imperative to accept a job that you will be happy doing, ready to execute and get better at. Here are five tips on building an amicable work relationship:

You do not have to be friends with your colleagues

It’s natural to want to become friends with that colleague you are fond of. I mean, seeing a person every day is enough to want to be close to them beyond office. But it’s important to also remember that he or she might not want to take the friendship beyond work. When and if that is the case, then you must respect their ways and boundaries.

Treat everyone with respect

Everyone you work for and with, deserves respect in the workplace, even when you differ on opinions. This is not limited to people in same level or pay grade with you. It applies even to that staff in charge of sanitation. Look at each and every person as a vital member of the team.

Say thank you

Show gratitude when your colleague responds to your email at the right time, makes sure the chain of command doesn’t get weak on their desk and the smooth flow. Yes they are doing their job and being professional but a little show of appreciation by saying thank you with a smile geos a long way.

Listen Attentively

Effective communication begins with active listening. When your coworkers are sharing their thoughts, listen actively, not just to respond but to understand their angle.

Develop a positive attitude

A positive attitude is important for an enjoyable workplace. A positive or negative attitude also spills over into how you perceive your customers and in turn, how your customers perceive you.

However, please note that this does not necessarily mean colleagues cannot become friends who hang out outside of the workplace and share personal stories. You can still have a friendship, but before you do, be sure that your friend understands where to draw the line as a professional.

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  1. When a person forms a close bond in the workplace, their satisfaction rises by about 50%. These bonds make work more enjoyable for employees and have an impact on their devotion to their employment and teammates. Managers are in a better mood. The most common emotion experienced by managers at work is stress. 11th of June, 2019

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