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Hello guys!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019, The year of the General Elections, I hope you have your PVC.  And of course! The year Game of thrones returns! (This is my most exciting part). Thank you for all your comments and thoughts on my posts and reviews in 2018, really means a lot to me. Some people did not like my review of Merry Men, I promise to not be a kill Joy this year LOL.

So, the yearly declarations have gone and we are all setting goals and being positive about the year and while that is great, I just want to share some things I think we need to not lose sight of. Kindly, allow me be your honorary big sister for few minutes and share some thoughts on how I think you can make 2019 work for you.

But first a personal story.

In 2018, I started the year with big audacious goals all written and printed and hanging in a corner of my room, I had a friend who was cheering me on and generally high hopes for all that I anticipated but guess what? Most of those goals were mostly unrealistic and I did not have well laid action plans.

So by half of the year, I was frustrated, started loosing faith in myself and became really sad for a very long time.

So, I tell everyone who cares to listen, please don’t put yourself under the pressure of time. It’s OK to not know exactly what you want for the year. Just start with basics, wake up in the morning, make your bed, beat traffic to work or not, write a list of things you want to achieve for the day and take it up from there.

Last year, I had a very shaky relationship with God and so I struggled through everything. So, in the words of TY Bello, I will say Leverage on the Holy Spirit and his guidance for clarity and direction; this is especially for my Christian readers. Be sensitive in the spirit through meditation and ministering to the lord in songs and words. 2019 is going to be a critical year, a lot of prophecies and declarations have gone out. God has done his part in telling us what to expect this year and so we must do our part which is doing our work and that brings me to the next point.

Put in the Required Effort; You can pray and declare all day for God to give you blessings and opportunities but if you don’t put your hand to the plough, nothing will come out of those declarations. We must put in the required effort, stay up odd hours of the day to work, sacrifice resource and luxury, and we must also build skills that will prepare us for the opportunities to come. Do away with incompetence dear darlings. Your boss doesn’t hate you, it’s probably you who lacks work ethics.

Another thing I want to throw a little weight on is money.

Spend Wisely; A lot is being said about how January is three months in one, but that will be an absolute walk over for you if you already saved towards now or have made concrete financial plans for how to sustain yourself during the month. But if you haven’t, you can do better by taking better financial decisions now. Always wait another 8-12 hours or more before making that purchase. Do you really need that item? Can you save the money instead? The CBN has predicted a shaky year for the Nigerian economy and yes, I know you come from the Common wealth of Zion and the lord is your provider (he is my provider too) but the Lord expects you to be wise with the resource he has given you. So, get your money habits together!

Lastly, my last big sister advice,

Drink water and mind your business; the value of this advice cannot be overemphasized. Save yourself from the internet drama. Think before you tweet or post. It’s the era of screenshots, protect your sanity darling. Dahzol!

May the able God of Ebuka make 2019 a memorable and magical year for you.

Stay glued to ELSiEiSY Blog, don’t cheat on us with other blogs LOL.


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  1. My only goal is to be consistent in everything I’m doing. The rest will come naturally ?

  2. Good one. I hope to follow through with the advice which is really valuable and we’ll thought out.

  3. Farida, go down stairs go bring broom, make you sweep the room. Fast. Nor let me remind you again o.

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