Five Things to Consider Before starting an Office Romance

As much as so many people will openly tell you that office romance or having an affair/relationship with a colleague is an absolute NO, so many people still do engage in this form of relationship. In fact, a good number of successful relationships, leading to marriage, started in an office space or while on a contract job. whether this form of relationship is totally wrong, right or will be ruining career opportunities depends on the two people involved and the following;

Company Policy

One of the first things you need to find out is whether or not your company has a policy against relationship among its employees. It is arguably the most important factor. While there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a colleague, whether junior, senior or same level staff, everything could be wrong if the company’s policy is against it.

Being Able to Separate Work from Romance

Generally, this is usually where the problem begins. Because we have too many people who are not necessarily bad people but are not ready to earn their pay, diligently, it becomes a problem when one person begins to feel he or she can escape work or be lackadaisical on their job. Having an affair tends to make people do what they ordinarily would not do at work. So before you settle into having that office romance, try as much as possible to have conversations with your intended partner and to know how they view their work and what their values and career goals are.


Is your partner matured enough to know that unsettled quarrel should never be brought into workplace? Can your intended partner separate work from emotions? The relationship squabble have got to stay outside to avoid being unproductive and leading to reasons to be sacked.


Can your partner be discreet? No doubt, some things are better kept secret, and office romance could be one of them. However, being discreet can be very tricky especially when you know there are people who are not to be trusted. You might be acting all matured, being discreet, only for you to find out you and few other people are discreetly having affairs. Office romance is a tricky curve but not forbidden. Think about the risk and decide your poison

Being Trustworthy

Is your partner trustworthy? Without Trust and re assurance, office romance could be a ticking time bomb. Be sure of who your partner is and what level of seriousness will be attached to your romance. Is it going to be a ‘let’s see how it goes’ kind of romance, ‘let’s have fun’ kind of romance or ‘we are heading somewhere’ kind of romance. Define it and be sincere.

Office romance is never for the faint hearted. There may be rough times or even break up. Think about times like this and ask yourself if you can withstand the heat before giving it a chance. It may or may not be worth it after all.

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