3 Beautiful Games that can Spark up a Relationship

It is a universal truth that the initial excitement of a relationship wanes down over time. This is why couples should always find something beautiful to spice up their relationship with in order to maintain its spark. In addition to things such as going out on a date, spending quality time together cannot be overemphasized, but the question is, what would you be doing while spending that time together? Playing fun games can be interesting and has its own merits in rekindling that initial excitement. Another question that this elicits is what kind of games are there to play that can be intimate enough to germinate seeds of affection and conjugal euphoria. This article provides 3 beautiful games couples can periodically engage in to restore/maintain the spark of their relationship.

1.      The Question Game

Sometimes, couples get to, as we say in our local parlance, see their partner finish. Consequently, it appears to be an exercise in futility at the thought of vocalizing how well you know your partner. This game, though, is not poised at knowing your partner more but for the fun of it, emphasising how deep you both know each other. The How? Write a list of weird questions in this format: “between you and me, who is more likely to sleep in a church?; between you and me, whose friends can get arrested in a foreign country?; between you and me, who is more likely to scare the children?; between you and me, who is likely to miss a flight? The list is practically endless. Then take turns in asking each other and enjoy the excitement that comes with it.

2.      Paint and Sip game

Remember, the goal is to find an intimate game that can make both parties advance towards the initial excitement, paint and sip can achieve this, and like the aforementioned game, this can be achieved in the comfort of the house. Interestingly, today, couples go out to engage in this activity. The How? Couples can agree on a simple art online, download, get a drink to cool off as they paint away. Although they can decide to paint separately but sometimes, they can paint together. The painted art can be pasted on the wall, on the fridge, or any visible place that both can see and call into memory the memorable time shared to achieve that.

3.      Indoor Karaoke

This is also another game couples should often do not only when they go out. Don’t we all have this music we love? If it is as interesting as when we go out for it, we should bring it to our homes. The special therapy music brings cannot be overemphasized. The How? Both parties will agree on some songs and then download a version of the song with lyrics. While the device with this particular version of the first selected song is with either of the couple, the other will sing along with the reduced music playing on the stereo but with a raised pitch so that proper judgement of how well one knows the song can be reached. The other person is to pen down the wrong words sung and score the singer based on an agreed mark distribution. Remember, this has nothing to do with whether or not one can sing.

Games that engage both couples are crucial in reaching the core of that initial excitement. Couples need to be generative and creative in mapping out new ways to rekindle the fire in their relationship. Coupled with other modes and strategies, beautiful intimate games can also be of an equally self-serving purpose. The mentioned games here might not be exhaustive, but it is surely a good way to start.

About the Writer

Nnadube Jonathan Ejiogu is a graduate of the English Department, University of Lagos. He also holds a Diploma degree in Social Development and Administration (SDA) from the same institution. He is a scholar, literary critic, and researcher who has a teeming interest in African Literary Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Ecoafricanism, and Comparative Literature. He has been published on Grin and The Shallow Tales Review. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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