#13MoonsAfrica -13 Moons: An illustrated novella series

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What happens when a 13 year old girl is beheaded before a mass of cheering villagers?

 13 moons issue 001 - elsieisy blog13 Moons is an African folklore styled fantasy fiction piece that draws on the oral tradition storytelling technique to deliver a narrative about injustice in the context of African societies and politics.

 All 15 issues of the series have been released in a Netflix-style bulk offering for the binging pleasures of readers. With artwork from London based illustrator Ochuko Michael Obor and story by William Ifeanyi Moore and Medevor Jarell Obor, 13 Moons promises to be like nothing audience have seen in recent times, stylistically and thematically.13 moons e book - elsieisy blog

 13 Moons is available worldwide for free download on the website www.13moons.africa, and the journey can be followed on all social platforms via the handle @13moonsafrica. The project invites Nigerians and the larger African continent to reflect on social conditions via the vehicle of entertainment through a series of events in a fictional African village. There is action, horror, suspense, mystery, and so much more. 13 Moons is a must read.

 Click HERE to download ALL issue.

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