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Facts About Women and Cheating - elsieisy blog

When it comes to women and cheating, whether in marriage or in an exclusive relationship, it has been established that women do not just start cheating. While men are capable of cheating for no particular reason, a woman has more than one reason why she cheats. Most women do not cheat for the thrill of it. They cheat to fill a void and usually is a calculated mission.

However, I am not in support of any form of cheating from any gender. Agreed, it happens, I might even be a cheat but that doesn’t make it right. If you are not happy in a relationship and the thought of cheating keeps coming, I advise you find your way out, unless, of course, you and your partner have agreed to have an open relationship.

Men in this part of the world do not like us talking or writing about the fact that women cheat which is a fact I find very funny. A woman can cheat as much as a man can. Though the ratio of women to men cheating is still low for the women, this does not mean women are not cheating neither does it mean that they are not getting away with cheating.

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The statistics for women cheating women has reason over the past decade. It’s not been this bad.

I had Sally Kenneth Dadzie over as guest on one of the episodes of my radio program – Crux of the matter on Happenings Radio and she shared reasons why I woman may want to cheat or cheat. From our conversation, here are few facts about women and cheating you should note.

  • Cheating increased with the boom of the internet. It is easier to asses somebody you have an emotional connection with and this makes it easier for women to cheat.


  • Women are pushed out to cheat when their emotional needs are not being met by their partner. Many women come to a point where they need emotional validation and sadly, most men do not meet up. Men become very complacent, they become very comfortable in relationship. They think that the woo’ng and romance are no longer necessary because they have conquered. They stop paying the necessary attention.

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  • When a man is no longer showing his woman that emotional care that he used to show in the beginning, then the problem begins. She drifts to someone who gives her the type of attention she needs. And this is why most women cheat and leave, unlike men who can cheat for years and still remain in a marriage or an exclusive relationship.

  • Sex is huge problem. I call it a problem because most men feel that sex is their thing. Whatever happens between your legs as a man, happens to women too. A woman wants to feel loved and satisfied when making love. If you are not giving it to her, then she will find it elsewhere. According to experts, as women grow older, their sex drive increase unlike men. Whether you marry a virgin or not, it doesn’t mean that biology will not kick in. learn to stimulate your woman.

  • Most times, when cheating come into the picture, the person who is being cheated on fail to realise that it might be his or her own fault to a reasonable extent for leaving their partners’ need unmet.
  • Women cheat for revenge. People who do this, cheating for them is more physical than emotional.

  • Women cheat because they are looking for the man they feel their husband should be. Maybe the men is not rich enough, and it’s not about the money (of course some women cheat for the money). It’s the fact that the guy is more influential, he is like an alpha male, he is better than her man, take care of her, wow her, and sweep her off her feet.

  • A lot of married folks sleep with each other. More of the cheating happens between married folks.

  • Not every case of cheating ends up in talking and healing.

  • Rushing into marriage out of pressure to get married, is a sure way to go into a potential cheating relationship. Cheating in such case is not even the problem. The problem is, why they get married.

  • Women cheat due to low self-esteem.

  • Cheating puts the woman in a place where she feels like she is a goddess.

  • Emotional connection is cheating. Once you start having that emotional connection with some else, then there is 90% chance of falling in bed together.

  • Some women cheat to escape the relationship or marriage.

  • There is a lot of guilt at the first try. The first time a woman cheats, she hates herself.

  • People cheat a lot in their work areas.

  • Its very hard to know when a woman is cheating and that’s why the statistics of cheating women is very hard to trace. Women are just too sleek.

  • Women feel more guilty than men would because they are always very upset that they hurt their husband, their children…even after they have left the marriage.

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  2. I believe they feel more guilty for cheating because it is more deliberate and calculated and with more emotional attachment than when a man cheats. For men it is largely without emotional attachment and most times impulsive

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