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“Not every feeling follows logic and reasoning. Some feelings are so strong; they’ll make you question the logic behind your reasoning”


“If everything is just as you explained to me, you can’t just tell her fiancé. It would probably go on to be your word against hers and you know what…”

“I know. That’s why I’m seeking your opinion on what to do. Fine, a part of me succumbs to her, but I don’t want that. She just intentionally wants to implicate me with her lack of self-control…”

“Yep… Like if it was her fiancé that entered and caught you both in that very compromising position. You know it’ll take a lot of explanation and probably hypnosis to get him to delete that picture from his head.”

“I know it would be a different story entirely. So what do I do Liz?”

“I’m not too sure, but text her you’re going to tell her fiancé of all her antics not because you want you ruin her relationship, but because you can’t stand to see your friend marry someone who instead of staying true to him, keeps running back to her Ex. Then she shouldn’t even for a second think about coming near you, even in public. That’s the best mind game I can think of for now”.

“Thanks. I know I’ll break my way out of this”.

“You’re welcome. Do what you have to do. I have to be on my way”.

“Liz, we’re good right?”.

“Yes we’re good”.

As I saw Lizzy off to where her car was parked, the silence gave the chance for me to reminisce on the awkwardness of the other day. What the….?!… Someone you have feelings for, catching you red handed in such a questionable position? Oh Lord! I’ve never seen Titi so embarrassed. It was boldly written all over her, like she just wanted to vanish… And in a few seconds, she had grabbed her stuffs and dashed for the door mumbling what sounded like

“Jay, I’ll see you later”

Before I could say “No!… I don’t want to see you later!”, she was gone and so I stood there starring at Lizzy like she was a spirit who suddenly emerged from the wall, watching her line of sight roll from the shirt… my shirt on the floor to my guilt engulfed face. Back to the floor and to my face. That said it all.

“Errm… I’m sorry Liz”

“Yes you are” was her reply as she also made for the door and slammed it shut so hard, the hinges creaked. I must say it took quite a number of texts and twitter direct messages to prove my innocence, bring Liz to accept my apology and bring her to the discussion table. The river of relief that flowed through my soul when she agreed not only to meet me, but to meet me at my place was overwhelming but I probably wasn’t overwhelmed.

I stood behind Liz as fumbled with the key in the driver side door, impulsively tapping her shoulder as she pulled open the door. She turned around only to be enveloped by the aura of my closeness. She moved back a bit but couldn’t go more than a step since her car wasn’t going to help out. Before she could bat an eyelid, I planted a subtle, deep and tasty kiss on her lips and whatever hidden chemistry questions was there between us got solved within the few seconds that the kiss lasted.


It was either his physical appearance or the reflecting ring on his finger that made Believe look a bit older and different. He walked into Bar69 like he owned the place and I thought I was the only one who noticed but as soon as he sat down, Mikee chuckled, I wore a mischievous smile but the outspoken Doc FM gave him a sarcastic bow.

“You never told us you’re the new owner of the place” Doc FM said as he dusted the part of the table before Dave.

“I’m the what?!”

“The majesty of your steps is so intimidating boss” Mikee chipped in.

“You guys need to get serious. Believe me”

“We believe you bro”

Doc FM’s sarcastic reply nearly made me choke and the choking sound was the only sound I made in between their normal welcoming jesting.

In a few minutes, everyone was drinking and talking about different things, from football to some crazy things happening at work and sure thing, girls. I hardly chipped in any contribution cos what was on my mind was very different from the rest of my friends. I was contemplating telling Believe about me and his fiancée. The thought was beating hard against my chest and it was almost pushing back the drink I was slowly and quietly sipping.

“No matter how hard you search, there’s almost not a right way to do the wrong thing”

Their conversation continued and I laughed when everyone was, to camouflage the worrisome expression that’s trying so hard to get printed on my face.

“…Is it not you Jay?… Would you go over there and say Hi?”

I was lost in thought.

“Jay!… Bro!” Mikee jerked my elbow and I almost jumped out of my seat cos of the electric shock the elbow generates when being jerked at.

“What?!… Arrgh!… What’s wrong with you Mike?”

“Nope, what’s wrong with you?” He replied opening another bottle. “You’ve been so quiet since and you’ve not followed any conversation we’ve had here. Even your cover up smile looks so fake and sheepish. Just so you know, you need to work on it”

“What’s the problem bro?… Talk to us. We’re here to help in any way we can. You can vouch for us. Can’t you?” Doc looked more serious now and one thing I hate that I like about him is his bulldog-like attitude. He would never let one rest if there’s any thing raising his eyebrow. I do tell him he was a detective in his former life and he had very clever way of asking questions at times. I knew without being told that the only way out of the prying eyes and eager ears of these three fellas was if they just willingly decide to drop their questions… And even if they do that, Doc FM would come back later to pester the living day light out of my head… So I decided to be a man and tell them what was bothering me. I didn’t know how they would react but for peace’s sake, I had no choice.

“Ok. Ok. I’ll tell you guys but what’s the issue on ground that needs my opinion?”

“Forget it bro” Dave quickly replied.

“Yea… Just one girl, probably one of these girls looking at you from across the bar” Mikee added.

“Where?… Maybe its someone I know” I looked around, searching for any familiar face.

“Guy talk and don’t toy with my patience” Doc FM said turning the direction of my head back to where it started.

I cleared my throat. They adjusted their seats.

“I’m in love with a single mom!”

The instantaneous reaction to what I just said was like the bell sound in american high schools. The Joy on those teen’s faces as they leave their teacher standing there while they rush out and head home. While Mikee was hugging Dave with one hand, Doc FM was high-fiving the other hand. Dave quickly poured out drinks in all cups including mine as they raised them up for cheers.

I sat there with folded arms on the table, looking at the three supposed adults around me merrying like ten year olds.

“What’s wrong with these ones?!” I thought.

Doc FM was the first to notice the way I was watching their intended hilarious display.

“Wait… What?!… Did you just say single mom?!… Like after one?”

“Yes. Single mom like after one”.

“Oh Prrrrrrrrit” Mikee had his fist over his mouth.

“Who’s she?… Why are you going for a single mom when there are hundreds of single ladies out there wishing you’re the answer to their fasting and prayers” Dave said with his cup almost at his mouth.

“Her name is Lizzy. She’s a single mom. I don’t know how, but it just happened”.

“Ama deliver this heart breaking news to alla them hopeful ladies out there, starting with the chica bonita over there” Mikee made his face so gross, I almost threw my drink at it.

I looked across to see the ‘chica bonita’ walking towards our table and the lady kept coming closer and only when she reached our table did I realize it was Kate. Oh gosh!

“What does she want now?” I thought.

“Hey Kate!… What’s up?!” I forced a smile. “These are my friends. Guys, this is my old friend Kate”.

“Hi everyone” she waved, wearing a very attractive smile. “I’ve seen you a long time ago from across the bar, just didn’t want to disturb you guys’ conversation but I’m about leaving, so I said let me just say Hi”

“Oh very thoughtful” Doc FM replied. “Could you just stay with us for five minutes?… Here, an extra seat”

I gave Doc the “what are you doing?!” Look. He saw it but ignored.

The five minutes conversation went safe and sound with gulp of drinks in between except for the sudden panicky look on Believe’s face. I noticed but shrugged it off.

I saw Kate off to the parking lot of the bar, standing in a bit of intimidation as she zoomed off in her grey explorer Jeep. “Yep. You should’ve done your research” the mischievous part of me said as I watched with hands in my pocket. “She’s from a rich family”

“Like I care” I replied, making my way back into the bar to see Dave standing at the door. He looked sick.

“What is it?… Are u leaving?… Wait!… Why do you look like you just humped a ghost?”

“I’m a dead man bro. Believe me, I’m in deep deep trouble.”

“Talk to me.”

Quickly, he handed me his phone. A text was on the screen and seeing it was from ‘Ex. Sch. Mate’ I had so much bad feeling about it, I almost couldn’t scroll down. I did and the text read:

“Hi Dave, I heard you’re engaged. Congrats dude but you might wanna get one more ring for your baby mama. Or what do you think?… We’re having a baby. Congrats again. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his self-control.”

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