Two Weeks To D-Day (R-18+)

Two Weeks To D-Day (R-18+) - elsieisyblog

By Damescaucus.

She turned to Nina in surprise; her beautiful eyes widening and making them even more expressive.

“He’s in town… he wants us to meet up for drinks”, she told Nina.

Her heart was pounding frantically.

He’s in town? Why Now? Why? He had such rotten timing though.

Her thoughts were scattered all over the place. She was getting married to Timo in two weeks… after his oh-so-romantic proposal last December, they had discussed and finally agreed to a February wedding. Her friends had been happy to hear about her engagement and told her how lucky she was to have a great guy like Timo love her so much. She felt lucky. After that disaster break-up from Danladi, she felt she deserved Timo and all the goodness he brought along with him.

…But HE was always there. The silent admirer from afar. He was incredibly good-looking and always knew the right things to say. They’d met on twitter six months ago. It was an idle day at the hospital and she was bored, so she posted a photo on Instagram, dropping a link on her TL. He’d mentioned her with the simple words… “My, you are beautiful…” It was only natural that she zoomed in on his avatar. And there he was, hotness in every sense of the word. Kayla’s heart raced. She couldn’t bring herself to tweet back a “Thank You” so she kept quiet and stalked him… trying to get a feel of his person.

She’d heard so much about online flings and how they turned horribly wrong most times and she was prepared to ignore him should he make a pass at her. He never did though. He was constantly on her TL, making references to her beauty and holding mundane conversations but deep down in Kayla’s heart, she KNEW he liked her alot… and she liked him also.

Who wouldn’t like this fine boy? she mused.

Sadly, he came 2 years too late because she was already in a relationship. When she announced her engagement on twitter, he was one of the first people to congratulate her. She’d smiled wistfully and told Nina… “Now if Timo wasn’t in my life, I would so jump this guy…” She expected him to ease on the compliments of step back from their online convos, but he didn’t. He kept right on chatting and complimenting her.

“If he’s in town, so?” Nina asked her irritably. Kayla beamed her a bright smile. Nina was the first to alert her about HIM. “That guy will just bedazzle you, fuck you and move on to the next. We know their type. They are crawling all over social media.”

“But I didn’t say I’m going to fuck him nah… all I said is that He’s in town…” Kayla explained.

“But you plan to see him right? Damn Kay, you’re getting married to Timo in 2 weeks. I would kill to be in your shoes! Yet all you talk about is… *That twitter guy said this, that twitter guy said that*… what is wrong with you?” Nina was far from amused.

She knew Nina was right. She really should be more excited about her forthcoming wedding than HIS arrival. So she  changed the topic and never mentioned him again. She was excited that Nina was spending the night but a family emergency murdered that plan so Kayla was left all alone. Luckily, Timo called her from work and they spoke for hours. His calls always made her horny and she told him how much she missed him. During their conversation, her phone kept beeping, signifying that a call was waiting. She didn’t want to interrupt her gist with her fiancé so she ignored whoever’s call was waiting. But the caller seemed persistent and it was beginning to irritate her so she told Timo to hold on and checked on who the caller was. It turned out to be HIM. Kayla’s heart did a triple somersault.

“Hi, Timo baby… can I call you back? Dr. Kingsley has been on call waiting. Let me find out what he wants.”

Timo said his goodbyes with the promise to call her before going to bed. With a shaky breath, she aimed her finger to dial HIS number but as if by telepathy, he called her again.

“Hey sexy-beautiful doctor…”

“Hi dear…” she responded shyly.

“You on call tonight?”

“No… I’m home, bored and abandoned by my friend.” she said with a chuckle.

“Oh my… that can’t be fun. Can I make it better and take you out to dinner?” he asked.

Her heart leapt at the prospect but she had to act calm. She was someone’s fiancée after all.

“Dinner? With you? You realize I’m someone’s wife-to-be right?” she asked him back.

“Dinner at a restaurant… with other patrons there… Surely you can have a harmless dinner with a friendng…”

He sounded sincere enough and besides, if she continued fussing, she would appear like a ‘No-Confidence, Thirsty-Doctor-Hoe’ so she agreed to meet him at a Chinese Restaurant in Victoria Island, in an hour. Kayla dressed with care; feeling a little guilty about agreeing to dinner with another man other than her fiancée. She didn’t want to appear too sexy, so as not to give him bright ideas; yet she wanted to look beautiful for him. She chose a simple dark-blue dress with a tiny silver belt… did her make-up to impeccable perfection… and pouted at her reflection. She loved what she saw and secretly hoped he would like it too. Stuffing some money into her small silver purse, she left the house with mixed feelings.

The Chinese restaurant had a few patrons so she had to look around before spotting him, seated at a table, alone…. fiddling with his phone. Kayla’s breath caught in her throat. In person, he was far more handsome, slim and tall. She muttered up a silent prayer, fixed on her brightest smile and approached his table. He got up respectfully and smiled at her. They stood there for a brief second, sizing each other up in awkward silence and wondering if to exchange handshakes or hugs. Kayla was a hugger and knew hugs were ideal ice-breakers so she hugged him… not for too long… but long enough to let him know she was comfortable around him.

They ordered their meal and talked. She found he was quite easy to talk to…. a bit sensitive and somewhat shy but Kayla detected mischief in him ever so often. He asked about her marriage preparation and she told him all about it; adding funny little anecdotes about wedding shopping and family meetings. 2 hours later, dinner was over yet they talked. Kayla had sipped a little wine with her dinner and was completely relaxed in his company. For some crazy reason, she didn’t want to leave just yet.

“We could go have drinks and talk some more…” He suggested.

She looked at him suspiciously then shook her head.

“Noo… I’m on call tomorrow morning. I have to get going…”

“Aaaah… just a drink. The hotel I’m at has this lovely pool bar,” he tried to persuade her.

“No… I really shouldn’t. But thanks Farouk. Dinner was fun… I’m stuffed. I had a good time sha.”

“I had a good time too but you want to ruin it for me…” he said with a mock pout that made her laugh.

They walked out the restaurant together, looking like a real couple… He, talk dark and handsome… She, petite, statuesque and beautiful. But each with their own crazy thoughts. He walked her to her car and stood by politely as she opened it.

“Its nice seeing you in person though. You’re a lady-killer and I bet you know it,”she said, trying to lighten the obvious sexual tension that hung between them.

“And YOU are a Man-slayer, miss Sexy-beautiful…” he said, still mock-pouting.

Turning to him with a warm smile, she spread her arms out for a hug. He hugged her back and went a step further, leaning to kiss her tentatively on the lips. He didn’t force it… just a soft kiss on her lips, as if expecting her to do something rash. Kayla felt her resolve melt away. She opened her mouth and took his tongue in submission. They kissed like long lost lovers; savoring the taste of each other… their bodies drawing closer and closer. Slowly, he released her and looked into her eyes.

“Please have a drink with me Beautiful Kayla…” he begged.

What the heck! I’m getting married in 2 weeks… If Timo found out, I’ll be a dead doctor… but meeehn, Farouk has SEX written all over him. That kiss…. oh that kiss. I need to know what his mouth is capable of. I need that mouth on other parts of my body.

Kayla couldn’t trust her voice so she nodded in agreement. His smile almost made her reach for him and kiss him again… instead, she looked away shyly… making sure her gaze briefly traveled down the front of his crotch. The slight bulge told her what she needed to know. He was equally as aroused as she was. With the chemistry between them, Kayla didn’t foresee any drinking by the pool… but she knew that she was going to be ensconced in his arms and the thought made her heart palpitate.

She had a ring but she was still technically single… she could give herself a treat and Farouk as a last fling before getting hitched. Something told her that Farouk would be an excellent lover and she wanted to ‘sex’ him so badly.At the back of his rental car, Farouk reached for her again. He pulled her close and kissed her. Kayla responded, this time, more passionately. He reached down and touched her breast, squeezing it soft it, as if afraid he would hurt her. A sigh escaped Kayla and he whispered in her ear…

“Gosh… I want to eat you up so bad ….”

Kayla felt her juices pour but at that moment she caught the driver looking at them via the rear-view mirror and had silently signaled Farouk. They broke apart and tried to compose themselves for the rest of the drive to the hotel. The journey seemed to be taking forever and the sexual tension between them was about to drive her mad. She casually placed her hand on his lap and let her fingers rest over his bulge. He throbbed instantly and took in a deep breath and spread his thighs apart slightly… to give her fingers more room. She smiled and grabbed his dick, stroking it softly, almost absentmindedly. She heard him exhale and knew he was struggling to hold back his groan. Feeling suddenly powerful, she stroked him with more vigor and was pleased when he turned narrowed, passion-glazed eyes towards her.

“Sweetie… you’re killing me here. Continue this and I’ll give the driver something to watch.” he told her gruffly.

Kayla smiled and removed her hand from his laps, folding them demurely on her own lap. at last, they got to the hotel. He calmly dismissed the driver and lead Kayla to his room on the fourth floor. He wanted to kiss her in the elevator but there were two other people inside so he shelved the thought. They got to his room and she marveled at how calm he appeared as he opened the door.

This is it Kayla! This is where you lose all sanity and rational thinking and just go with the flow.

They entered the room and he was all over her with an urgency that made mockery of his initial calm. he covered her mouth with his, squeezing her breasts and grinding close to her so she could feel his erection. Kayla let out a moan and he lead her to the bed, making her sit on the edge and spreading her thighs apart. She watched his eyes darkened as he smelled her arousal. She didn’t  want to watch him eat her so she lay back on the bed, spread and laps further apart and held her breath. She felt his warm breath fan her pussy and clenched as his tongue made contact with her clit. He was kneeling in front of her so it was easy for him to pull her ass closer to the edge of the bed and bury his face in her pussy.

She was very, very wet and he lapped up her juice hungrily. Kayla screamed aloud, lifted her head to watch him eat her then lay back moaning. He kept eating her pussy till she began to scream aloud… a sure sign that she was about to climax. Then he dipped two long, slim fingers in to her and finger fucked her till she came. She shook as orgasm coursed over her and didn’t notice when he removed his clothes… every last stitch and stood towering over her naked. Kayla opened her eyes and was faced with his dark, long, fat and throbbing dick. Her pussy moistened again and she sat up. her initial shyness disappeared and she began to undress.

“How do you want me to fuck you Sweetie?” he asked her as he slipped a condom on.

“Anyhow you want… just make it count.” she told him., unable to take her eyes away from his huge penis.

He lay on his back and beckoned for her to come ride him. She sat astride him and slowly sat on his dick. But he was huge and his journey into her hurt a bit.

“Fuck! You so tight. You gonna make me cum….”

He held her tiny waist in place and began to fuck her slowly, giving light thrusts till her pussy got  the hang of his girth. Then she began to fuck him right back with an energy that surprised him. Farouk’s eyes narrowed to slits as he watched her fuck him; her full breast bouncing up and down.He itched to suck her nipples and made them rock hard. He pulled her towards him till her breast touched his face and trapped one nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and making Kayla’s senses exploded. She began to fuck him fast.

“Squeeze my ass baby…” she ordered him breathlessly.

He sucked her nipples and squeezed her pert ass, spreading them apart as she fucked him and jamming them tight. He groaned and released her nipple, throwing his head back and ramming into her from under. They fucked hard, sweating and breathing deeply till she screamed out in orgasm again, falling on his chest and  shaking sporadically. He eased his hard dick out of pussy and kissed her all over her face. He gave her a moment to pull together before whispering in her ear…

“You’ve cum twice sweetie… make me cum… I wanna take you from the back..”

She got on all fours, her body glistening with sweat and thrust her ass to him.

“Fuck! I need to pound you and hear you scream again Beautiful…”

She felt his dick enter her slowly and gasped as he sank in deeper. Holding her waist, he began to fuck her… spacing his thrusts in single-minded calculation…. For every 8 fast paced thrust, he balanced it out with 4 slow thrusts… fucking Kayla hard and making her scream and bite the pillow and duvet. Kayla’s moans were getting louder as he pounded her faster, slowing to watch her pert ass bounce on his dick before ramming her some more. Her moans turned into screams of pleasure and pushed him to the brink.

“Arrrrggggghhh…. I’m gonna cum sweetie… arrrghhh…. arrrrggggh…”

He came, squeezing her waist and buried his dick to the hilt, deep inside her. Kayla clenched her pussy walls around his dick and he groan. She used her pussy to grip him, milking him till he was done cumming.

“You fuck so good Sexy Kayla…. just the way I imagined you would” he told her with a smile. “I had a hunch you would be dynamite.”

Kayla smiled shyly and shook her head. “Your dick though… kai…”

“You, are dynamite though…”

They both laughed. Then she heard her phone ring and knew it was Timo calling. She rolled off the bed and rushed to get it from her bag and hurried into the bathroom to take the call. She was away for 20minutes and when she emerged from the toilet, she met him stroking his dick lazily. The minute she appeared in his line of vision, he hardened again. Kayla stood by the side of the bed, staring at him with a mischievous smile.

“I really should leave. I’m on call tomorrow morning…” she said.

“You’re not going to leave Sweetie… I’m gonna fuck you till I’m spent. and from the look in your beautiful eyes, I know you want me to fuck you till you pass out”

Kayla sighed. She looked at his now pulsating dick and shook her head.

“You wont kill me…” she told him jokingly.

“Naaah… I don’t intend to kill you… But I’m gonna fuck you in every possible way I can, from now till morning”

“Haaa! Farouk… please o…”

“I will give you a breather if you come suck my dick…” he told her with a sly smile.

Kayla looked at his throbbing dick, heat pooling at her pussy.

Oh-hell! This is my farewell to spinsterhood fuck sha. No point feeling guilty at the 11th hour. I might as well lay back and enjoy the ride afterall, I’m still single for 2 weeks.

She looked at his handsome face, smiled and gave his dick one final look before going to join him in bed.


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