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This article was written by @chuky1pilla . Before reading, this is the right time for me to own up to the fact that I can be a pest when I want to be, LOL. He decided to scribble something about my name – Elsie, after I gave him proper disturbance on submitting an article for the #BlogFest. Basically, I was his muse *shines teeth* So enjoy!!

#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – Day 29!

What should I write about Elsie?? LC filter in electronics is known as inductive capacitive filter (trying to sound tech and all), it’s a fact. So when I first heard of the name, it sounded tech – yes – and funny too.

Not that I’m trying to overflog the issue, or as if my name is less weird but I have to say it as it is. I’ve learned over the years to say things as they are and never miss the chance to express myself. I learnt the hard way and it was a moment that has always been in my memory.

It was on a Thursday I think, and a rainy day as well. I was caught up in the rain, I had gone to a local library in the hood to check on some stuff concerning my personal research. The day started badly, and went on to worse after the rain had started. It’s a very long walk from the library to my house and at night, the library was far from safe. A local library, about two rooms wide, poorly lit, with enough ventilation – Why not? When the windows have all gone out!

On this fateful day, it was getting dark and the rain was very heavy. The hall was scanty with few people, I think we were four people inside the library that day….The end!

Oh! You mad?? That’s not worth a hard lesson or the gist is not complete?? I decide when it ends, so.. I decided it ends there. We can share the grace now and go home!

Please ignore the previous paragraph, it was just a random crazy thought and I was too lazy to delete them, that’s why I took pains to write an apology in this paragraph – penny wise yeah??

As I was saying, the rain fell and fell, blew various versions of wind, but I was busy reading and writing, and also staring. I wasn’t sure exactly, I didn’t know how I managed to miss the moment the other people left the library. Was it in the rain? Did they vanish? It was very surprising and even more shocking that WHAT I was staring at was still right there in the spot. To be honest, I wouldn’t know what kept me that long up till the moment it started to rain.

There was a possibility that the rain had stopped a bit, but I was too busy staring that I didn’t notice when those guys left. Occasionally, I would stare at my work and find out that I’ve been writing out of point. It was that bad. You know, nature has a way of punishing those who don’t follow simple life rules. One of them is simple; say things as they are and express yourself!

“You haven’t been listening, are you? Ehn chuky??”

It took me approximately 2.35789sec to process the information that was passed to me. Immediately, I had realized there was a subject in front of me. I knew I was listening, but when I drifted away, I wouldn’t know.

“Erm.. Eh.. You said??”, I muttered.

“So you haven’t been listening ehn!!?? Or I’m disturbing you??.. You want to tell me that I’ve been wasting my time all these while shey??”, she replied.

She was furious and it was understandable. No one would love that!

“You should have just said I should shut up, that I was disturbing you! Mtcheww!!”

Oh yeah?? Exactly what I was trying to avoid, I didn’t want her to feel bad, so I tried and pretended to listen to her bunch of irrelevant gist, so that she won’t feel lonely and think of me as a good folk. But in the end, she still felt bad. And I was stuck there at the library  and subsequently beaten mercilessly by the rain – both of us actually. Maybe I should have said ‘Shut up! You are disturbing me!’ It would have saved alot of stress. Mean world.

So you see, since then, saying things as they are has been a part of me. When I heard of the name Elsie, I tried pronouncing it. I even listened to myself with the aid of a recorder. But each time I do, I giggle and say to myself, Wow this name is funny.

But I knew it shouldn’t end there, I had to let her know, she has the right to, no time for pretense. I didn’t want what happened in 1952 to repeat itself. I had to put it into writing.

Chukky onepilla, www.onepilla.com , Twitter – @Chuky1pilla

For inquiries, send mails to elsieisy@gmail.com or tweet at @elsieisy

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