Ashes of Effaced Name

Ashes of Effaced Name - elsieisy blog

By Blank Verse

Witnessed it from a close distance…It whispered to soul like abusive aggression…Everybody heard its echoes, none heard the screams of aching soul…In the tomb of intellectual silence, one name burnt to ashes…One name vanished from the time grain…One name was forced to go down with shame, what a shame! …Thinkers did fall into two groups instinctively;Alas’ defaulters preferred to stay with fallacies… When desolate name didn’t see the unity of community,Martin Luther King ran scramming through chaotic silence,“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”…“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”…O’ Ashes of Effaced Name! Don’t wait behind the dust of time,pining for miraculous blossom of high esteem …

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  1. Nice write up. We shouldn’t just let our names, trademarks, etc to b erased out of the world… Let’s speak out and raise our heads high in esteem.

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