Whose FEET are you LICKING?

Whose FEET are you LICKING - elsieisy blog

I had a discussion today and something along the line made the person say something in the line of “lick your feet”.

Since then I’ve been asking myself what it means for someone to lick someone’s feet. I want to believe it is figurative and not literal because it’s mostly when you watch lesbian porn you get to see that often (literally).

So figuratively, it is derived from pets who lick their owners/masters feet and is often a sign of submission, approval, loyalty and happiness. Etc. & More importantly it indicates their happiness in this role. By displaying this act of domesticity and submission, the dog may ensure its place in the family by accepting the social order of the home.

As humans, we term “feet licking” as a base concept of taking nonsense from someone who has something you need just because you need that stuff and not mostly because you enjoy “licking the feet”. Many examples of this are seen in the follow relationships:

* Parent to Child/ward
* Employer to Employee
* Lecturer to Student
* Wife to Husband
* Males to female OR Females to male as in the case of sex at times when one has to do “whatever” just to be allowed to “get down”.

No need to go far… Just know that whoever has to “lick feet” is either showing loyalty, submission, happiness, approval & etc. OR FAKING IT.. To someone who they feel they want stuff from or are getting something from already. So for the purpose of this article I will be focusing more on dating/relationship angle.

Why not lick face? Or lick breast or chest or lick hand…???
Well… Based on this concept and imagery ; to successfully “lick feet” one has to first bend low enough which is a sign of submission; whether the person submitted with their heart or not.

As humans we do this to get what we want most often and then we do as we please later on, unless this symbiosis is eternally helpful.

A form of this symbiosis that society and biology has imposed on us is:


Yes marriage. Because some cultures see marriage as a woman submitting to a man just so she is not put to shame or so she can have a name or so she can survive while she in turn bears children, caters for them and the man and keeps the house in place.


This Symbiosis shouldn’t be mistaken. Marriage is companionship first, (God first saw that Adam was alone) then subsequently procreation (he asked them to be fruitful and multiply).

So, in that order are the primary reasons and a woman doesn’t have to literally “lick a man’s feet” in order to be regarded a woman. Yes, she can submit as the Bible asks, she should be loyal as the union demands, she should show also that she is loyal and approves NOT because she wants something from HER MAN.. But because SHE ACTUALLY IS!!

Anything short of that is fake and manipulative.
Whose FEET are you LICKING - elsieisy blog 2

The man also has his DUTIES and Things he is expected to Maintain for the symbiosis to work. Sex is mutual (we both enjoy it), procreation is mutual (we both need kids), Care and attention is mutual ( no one is an island).

In order not to have a bulky seminar on this because i know my readers are smart and can pick up the gems and discard the rocks.
I will drop amidst my rants this opinionated piece of advice…

As a man, at some point/s in your life, You will lick feet… You have to and you will. There’s no escaping this my dear man.

But at a certain point you have to find yourself that person/people who will lick your feet happily because you have made yourself worthy of this and because they want to, not because they wanna use you, but because your feet deserve to be licked and they will do it happily to always show you how important you are in their lives (don’t get too used to it though lest you get corrupted).

As a woman, if you are not careful you will lick an annoying number of feet in your life just to stand firm on your own. If you’re silver spooned and connected good for you, if not… Brace yourself or brush your tongue because the feet licking no be here.

Even in relationships, make sure whosoever you decide to date is someone whose feet you won’t mind licking, else you will find yourself frustrated at the thought. There are always people whose feet we will agree to lick without much ado. Find one and date them. Don’t complain that the guy you are managing wants you to lick his feet. Stop managing… Life is too short to manage. If he’s not worth your attention, time, loyalty, faithfulness, submission, respect and etc. please WTF are you doing with him?


When you want to Mate, you woo and seduce and then you use foreplay to set the ball rolling…

When you want to get something or prove that you’re grateful for something you Lick feet Dammit. If you think you ain’t a feet licker think again.

We all lick feet to someone somewhere who has us “balls in hand”. Politicians lick feet, eat shit and even suck balls join sef. Musicians do, footballers do, Pastors do… Someone somewhere right now is licking feet (bending low to show respect).

You’re not too big to lick feet brother…

You’re not too fine and big to lick feet sister…

That your paddy with a house in banana island licked someone’s feet very hard to get there (there are exceptions though).

So remember my advice up there amongst my rants and always be with someone whose feet is WORTH THE LICK!

by Leonhart

this post was first published on LION’S DEN

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  1. I was watching HBO’s Hard Knocks with my hubby this week, and an interesting concept came up that’s right in line with what you’re talking about. A veteran player was taking the rookies’ pads off the field after a hard practice. Usually it’s the other way around (as a form of hazing, according to my man). But then the veteran said “In order to lead, you must first serve.”

    I thought it was a great example of how by demanding respect one can gain a little bit of it, but by earning respect one can gain a lot more. Having to “lick some feet” every once in awhile doesn’t make you any lower. As long as your feet are being licked from time to time as well.

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