When it comes to actualizing your dreams of greatness, there is a kind of violence that makes sense.  When you remember that nothing good comes cheap and greatness does not drop one’s laps. Also, life does not give you what you desire; it gives you what you demand. Like it is usually said, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. There is a level of violence that you need in your pursuit of your dreams of greatness.  Violence may be described as a behavior that involves physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.  I believe violence can be positive or negative.  In this piece, I speak of the need for you to engage positive violence.  In this context, you are going to attack before you are attacked; you are going to damage before you get damaged; you are going to kill before you get killed.  It is about being proactive about dealing with adversaries on your path to fulfilling destiny.  You are not going to kill, attack or destroy your fellow human beings in the physical sense, that would be a crime that is punishable by law.  But you are going to fight against “things” and “everything” that wants to stand in your way.  A sage has said that the only language the devil understands is the language of violence.  It is also said that for every level, there is a devil.  If you really want to move to a higher level, you are going to demonstrate some positive violence.

You need to understand that the number of forces that are determined to stop you from reaching your dreams of greatness are more than the forces that are ready to help you succeed. Some of the people you even call your best friends may even be angry that you are so focused and visionary.  Life is a battle and the earlier you understand this, the better.  Even in the market, companies are under the pressure exerted by aggressive competition.  Companies fight to improve market share and win consumer patronage because there are too many advertisements in the air grappling for their attention.  So even if you have a good product, you are not going to sit down expecting consumers to come and queue at your doorstep.  You are going to design and execute promotional strategies that will attract, retain and maintain consumers.

Discouragement is number one thing you must be violent against.  We all have a tendency to become dejected when things are not working according to our expectations. In fighting against discouragement, you would have to make a choice.  You either choose to succumb to discouragement which leads to abandonment of your dreams of greatness or you choose to encourage yourself.  It is quite a difficult thing to do in the face of odds, but you are going to encourage yourself; exude optimism and keep working at your dreams.

Mediocrity is another force that has reduced the success potential of so many people to an average proportion.  You are not going to settle for less in life. Fight against it.  Mediocrity sets up invisible barriers and the sad reality is that the majority of people are not willing to go the extra mile to achieve excellence.  If you are going to excel, you are going to attack mediocrity and fight off such thoughts.  You are going to upset the status quo, break new grounds and pioneer positive changes.  You are not going to allow yourself to be tied down by traditions of failure and mediocrity.  As a student, the fact that nobody has ever had a distinction in that tough course does not mean you should resign to fate in advance and not give your best shot. Build your life on a tradition of excellence.  You are not going to allow yourself to squeeze into the mould of mediocrity, even if that is what is celebrated.  That something is popular does not mean that thing is right for you.  Become violent against any majority influence that wants you to discard godly virtues or follow the path of mediocrity.

Some people have ruined their own lives through the negative choices they made at some points in their journey.  When such people see you running with your sights firmly fixed on your dreams of greatness, they start feeling uncomfortable.  They start looking for a way to drag you down to their own level.  Human nature can be very selfish, brutish and wicked.  This is why you need to be wise and be cautious when choosing your friends and close associates.  In a very subtle way, they will begin to introduce “funny ideas” to you and you need to understand the POWER OF SUGGESTION.  Before long, they keep making dangerous suggestions that appear safe. In this journey of greatness, many have experienced shipwreck because of the wrong relationships they entered into.  Network with wisdom; don’t get trapped in a dangerous net. Here’s the point: demonstrate violence against dangerous relationships.  If you notice one of your friends is showing signs of being dangerous, look for a way to kill that relationship before you get killed or your dreams get killed.

Finally, you are going to become violent towards distractions.  Fatal distractions abound on the road of destiny.  Many people have become attracted to the wrong things.  Wrong things take a man off the route of success. Wrong things make a man lose focus. And once focus is lost, your dreams of greatness are at risk of getting lost too.  Fight to keep your focus.  I believe in your greatness!  This is violence that makes sense!

idowu omisore
Written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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