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Nigerian student deserves more and the educational system needs better handling than what we are presently seeing in LAUTECH. Is this the promised change or do we wait for another? These are the question plaguing our minds as we look at the unfolding scenarios in LAUTECH.

If this has to do with change mantra, I don’t know. But the height and depth of irresponsibility displayed by the two Governors (Osun and Oyo states) stink to the high heaven. They came in the garb of Awolowo but are bereft of Awo’s idea and the ideal of Education nor do they portray Awo’s integrity.

We have been sold a mouthed commitment to educational overhaul before the election but alas it becomes a forgone one immediately the politicians are sworn in. To every politician in Nigeria especially of the western extraction, reforming and transforming education top the list of their agenda only to see how it becomes a non-issue as they ascend the seat of power. Men whose actions are diametrically opposed to their words. Men with questionable integrity.

Today, we have been trapped in the convoluted web of men whose value for the future is infinitesimal. And whose pleasure is gallivanting and globetrotting without any discernable idea on education.

Our politician lacks the will and vision to accurately position the state beyond subsistence, even at the subsistence level they are a colossal failure as thirty out of the thirty-six cannot pay common salary.

The past months the school had been on lockdown, the concerned Governors have not moved a hoot. That speak of high-level responsibility. Every government should have a face value at least for the populace especially the future.

A country lost in the world of delusion- wanting to be great but contended with staying at a mediocre equilibrium without a proportional effort to achieve the greatness. A sorry state for the giant of Africa whose delight is in stupefying retrogression. The Governors especially should put their houses in order as regard education because if we continue in these one step forward and several backwards, we won’t amount to anything soon.

We have become the scum of the world because we lack this one virtue- Vision! Our leadership is not driven by men and women with crystal clear vision. We lack the power of focus and intensity that behoves quality leadership. And where there is no vision, there won’t be the passion for pursuing the necessary course. Misplaced priority is equally inevitable.

It is high time we wake up from the slumber. The fabrics of our educational sector are losing out in the seams. We are tottering towards educational extinction if we don’t rise up from our greed induced stupor.

So, I ask if Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Senator Abiola Ajimobi have concerns for the school gate that has been shut for more than two months now? Could this be the other side of the change promised?

Could this be another style of leadership whose priority is not first about the education? Could this be that they don’t know the school activities have been handicapped for this number of months? Or can we conclude that they are living in another world different from ours?

Maybe they don’t know this is taking place under their watch?

If their pride is that the school is jointly owned by two States whose Governors are ‘change’ mantra fanatics, I think they have to borrow themselves some currencies of common sense.

What progress has this change brought to the school? Non-payment of both the teaching and non-teaching staff is the trademark that stands them out. Two men whose party’s song of change has only resulted to an exponential backwardness in a fast order. Your house is burning, but it does not move you an inch speak volume of the premium you place on the family.

The two Governors and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the chancellor of the school should bring dynamism and progressiveness to the school but see where we are today? I do believe the good APC national leader in the person of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will use his heavyweight to weigh in in the current impasse in the school.

Please, wake up and do something urgent to the sordid and helpless state of the institution that has been on a terminal break for more than two months. Redefine your vision along the path of education and save the future of this nation.


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