Abako (Pidgin Series) – 10

abako - pidgin series

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As dem reach station naim dem start to find the people wey kill Shaba. The matter now be say anybody wey get fresh wound for ear na potential suspect. Since dat day, dem don arrest five people wey carry cap cover their ears, but all of dem no be who dem dey find, because their ears dey okay. Dem don step up for the matter as more police don come join dem, because na as dem dey find who kill Shaba, naim dem still dey find wetin cause faya for Abako market.


Pastor wey never hama, naim dey organise crusade for street. Chief Wilson na correct politician for Abako and beyond; naim be the person wey Mr. Thompson dey work for and the man no dey too show face. E no dey do election rally for street; na common knowledge say boys dey always deliver for am. Na that kind confidence him take dey operate. Even Timo wey be Mama Tasty friend don work for the man wella. Na the Chief naim suppose come bail Timo then, but e no gree show face.

Chief been no dey around, na when e hear say faya burn market and also affect him friend, Mr. Thompson, naim he show face for Abako. Na beta crowd dey follow am waka, and him dey like spread like wrapper wey dem sun for outside. Na as him dey house, naim DPO come visit am for house, based on elder statesman wey e be. DPO flex no be small; as dem dey yarn, e dey sip wine steady while the other hand na photo album him dey look. Him dey tell Chief about the katakata wey dey Abako and how dem dey try fight am. Chief sef yarn am say e go try help am too, in terms of fuel for patrol.

Na as DPO dey look photo for photo album, naim e see that same watch wey dem discover for Shaba crib. The thing shock am, but e try pretend like say nothing. E try look the face and the face be like wetin him don see before. Na wey e dey try remember, naim e see say that person na Timo – the same guy wen e arrest during cult clash… The same Mama Tasty paddy!


That night wey market burn to pieces, Mr. Councillor go chill for hotel. Him dey restless and him eyes come dey shook. Na until him get call from Mr. Jude Tabi, naim him mind come down.

That day, when dem go bail Mama Tasty and Timo, dem discuss wella about Abako and politics. Dem be old political friends before and dem don first run shows before. During the election, Mr. Councillor been promise Mr. Jude Tabi contract as reward for wetin e don help am do during election. But as e time don dey end, contract no gree come. Na for there, naim dem make plans. Mr. Councillor tell am to arrange for people wey go burn market. E tell am say if dem burn, naim dem go give the contract to rebuild the market.

Mr. Jude Tabi been go reason am, the matter taya am, but him really need the contract. Dem say no matter how man chop belleful, space go always dey for meat. So e no surprise Mr. Councillor say Mr. Tabi still run am; and which other better time dey than say na wen e enemy, Mr Thompson, go buy goods come dem burn am.


Mr Thompson no be novice for Abako to come dey believe say faya just carry burn Abako market like dat. Him know say na the work of e political enemies, e too dey sure sake of say na the night wey e carry goods come dem run am.

The last meeting with Chief Wilson, him tell am say e go make sure say Abako go dey bloody. Him no be person wen dey run comot from fight.

Written by Chuky One Pilla

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  1. Real nice story. Stumbled on the blog today and got caught up in the story.. biko write fast and send the next episode our way

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