#Blogfest: When All You’ve Got Is HOPE!

#Blogfest: When All You've Got Is HOPE!

#Blogfest 2:0 Day 23 – #30DaysCountDownTo2016

It’s always difficult going through break-ups. That feeling of pain we all go through when that one person we felt would always have our back start to act funny and soon you realise that you that was once the center of their world or so you thought have suddenly become easily replaceable.

It hurts more when you had shared sweet and sour memories with them; you had made plans with them always at the helm of it. Plans for now and for a beautiful future. Plans that you could have sworn would surely happen for you only to wake one morning and realise that that one person no more shares those dreams with you. That lonesome feeling eats deep into your soul and suddenly everything that once made sense to you; those indulgences that once brought smile and happiness to you soon turns sour. The dejection you feel when you see people that are happy together and then you start to wonder how it all went wrong. What went wrong? What did you do wrong?  How did things get so bad? Will you ever feel that happiness and joy you once felt? How do you move on?

The fact that you have to put up a face that says ‘I’m fine’ when people are around when deep inside you know you’re falling apart. Hanging with friends that don’t understand what you’re going through and so can’t in your view give the right advice. They tell you to stay strong; that you’ll forget in time and though they may be right in saying this, the question now is if you wanna forget. How do you start all over? Will you ever find someone that’ll make you feel what they made you feel?

 At that time, you turn to your faith for solace believing that God will take the hurt away but wherever you go, you get reminded of them and then the pain gets an automatic renewal. The hurt you feel when you see that they seem to be doing just fine. You know you can’t continue like this but you also can’t bring yourself to beg because you feel they wronged you. You also can’t bring yourself to delete their number from your contact or stop checking on them via the various social network platforms. If only you could turn back the hand of time and fix things, maybe they would still be with you now. You’d give anything in your power to have them look you in the eyes, kiss you like they always did and reassure you of their undying love for you but you can’t and then it dawns on you that it really is over. You then become optimistic hoping that fate would someday soon bring them your way and then you pray that this time you make things right and never let them go. You hope that a miracle happens so you can once again show them that you can still make them happy. You hope because that’s all you can do; HOPE.

D’banj once said that “love is a beautiful thing!”. Guard it with your all when it smiles on you. Fight to keep it and if you do find that person that has/control your “MUMU” button, never LET GO.

I am Francis Odi – @Nerdy_Dopey and email me: oluwadopey@gmail.com. It’s our collective duty to keep Nigeria safe. Stay Safe, be Vigilant. God save NIGERIA!

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