The House – 38

The house

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It was all funny. The thought of actually measuring my dick. Was I to go out and get a tape just for that then what? I strip and take in the length? As the image of me actually doing that flashed through my head, I busted out laughing. Thank God I was all alone, almost everyone were still asleep as I sat outside my room going over the events of yesterday. As soon as we had gotten home, Boka had gone straight to his room to crash as he said. I couldn’t sleep, it just wouldn’t come to me. But wait oo, what was I been concerned about? If Boka enjoyed the girl he enjoyed her noni, what if he liked loose pussies, who was I to judge or start worrying over dick size. This thought gave me some joy and I smiled, I was probably just worrying over nothing…

“How far, when did you get back?”…I didn’t notice Bode had woken up and was right behind me. I turned around to look at him.

“oh been a while jare, just said I should sit here and collect small air before everyone wakes up to contaminate it”….

“ohh ok”…then he went mute before adding “I want to even gist you something…just between me and you oo”….

“Sure na, what is it?”…What could he possibly wanna talk about? abi he don discover something new about Yemisi’s pregnancy?. I adjusted for him to sit beside me on the bench. He took his time before looking staring at me.

“Latifah is pregnant”….emotionless

“Ehn Latifah is what?!”…I asked just to be very sure I heard him right.

“Bobo stop asking again, Latifah is pregnant”…He replied with a frown.

“haa Bode, you never still comot from the wahala wey Yemisi pregnancy dey cause, you have scored another one. Pause first, remember we have not even informed your Mumsi that you have impregnated a girl now we have to inform her of not just one but two, Oshe 2face, sharp shooter, Lionel Messi shoot one score two..”

“Calm down jor, I didn’t say I was the one responsible. She just told me last night”.

I adjusted on my seat again to understand what was going on properly, was this boy dumb or what? If he was not connected with the pregnancy then why was she telling him?

“Ehn if you are not responsible for it then why is she telling you?”…

Bode did not say anything but come to think of it sef, I don’t know if Bode has even slept with the girl. This house sha, I was becoming stale and dull ooo.

“She was seeking advice ni, did not know what to do”..

“Oshey Mr. advicer, you did not remind her that you sef still dey face one belle matter?” I reminded him.

“I told her oo, she just said she felt more comfortable talking to me about it than anybody else”…Bode said.

“It’s ok so Mr. Adviser, what did you tell her to do?” I asked…I raised a hand to stop him from replying as Loco came out of his room, he stared at us for some seconds before mumbling greetings, we replied him in coin and he nodded. We kept mute as he went to pick a bucket in front of Ben’s room and proceeded to the well.

“Ehen so what did you tell her to do?”…

“I did not tell her anything, just asked her if she had told the father but the problem is she doesn’t even want to tell me who the father is”

“If she doesn’t want to tell you then you should not answer her jare…the girl never serious”…Who could be the father oo?

“That is not even the problem”

“What is”….

“She has been fucking around, looking to pin the pregnancy on someone’s neck”…

My eyes widen up of their own accord, my brain did a quick rewind back to when I had slept with her, did I cum in her? No I didn’t abi did I? No wonder, I reason am say e funny the way wey Latifah just call me say she wan fuck. I knew something was fishy abi meaty de ni. But wait that was months ago na?

“How do you know about that? And how many months is the belle sef? I queried.

“She says two months”, Bode said as he wiped his face.

OH, thank God…I was definitely not in the equation. Who could the father be sef, anyone in the house or an outsider? All these girls sef and wetin them dey do nowadays.

“She fucked Ben yesterday, I saw them”…Bode dropped another banger.

“Ben ke? You sure?…”

“Yep, I saw them yesterday afternoon. And she said she is trying to get a father for her baby ni”…

“But wait first, why are you telling me all these?” That was the more serious question.

“I am using style to warn you ni in case she wants to give you too free fuck and you jump on the offer”…and with that he stood up.

“Me ke? Latifah? You should trust me na, she is not even my type, I can’t fuck any of these girls even if na free.”…If only he knew say me sef don score.

“Ok sha, let me go and baff before I am late for work”….

“Ok bro”…He left me alone with my thoughts. What was this house turning to? So Ben too has fucked Latifah, chei awon boys yii. I had lost touch, seriously I was not in charge anymore. How did it happen? Thank God I had even gotten Seyi back before that Wahidi of a boy stamped his name all over the territory. This life sha. Even Bode was beginning to know more than I knew. Wahala wa oo. But I couldn’t brainstorm on an empty stomach na. My eyes went straight up to aso rock, time to visit my plan B…been a while I went to disturb those girls sef. Make I stroll go offer my apologies for what happen yesterday sef, lol. I got up and dusted myself. 

Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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  1. I just they will not all end up having HIV. One way or the other, they have all have sex with each other.

  2. I just they will not all end up having HIV. One way or the other, they have all have sex with each other. May God Help them

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