Why is there so much NEGATIVITY online?

“Why is there so much negativity online?”

This question was all there was on my mind when I came across the comments on a post about Toke Makinwa on Linda Ikeji’s blog. For a while now, I have stayed away from reading through comments on LIB but my cut short sleep made me do so today and I am wowed! All she did was sing praises of her husband and all Linda did was help her share the love as our Amebo boss With the caption – “Toke Makinwa writes about her very understanding husband”lib post Oya See people’s negativity for yourself:


Now here is a message to all the negative blood out there:


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  1. Yayyyy first to comment kimon..lool….am not basically a fan of LIB cos she is always on about nothing really. but regards to this negativity and all yeah..i am not surprised. People seem to take pleasure in just bad mouthing others. i don’t know what they derive from it. the last comment about that one that was saying she is ‘disappointed’ in Toke am thinking why? are you her mother abi aunty abi what. or you dey pay her bills. i don’t know what is wrong with people o.

  2. I usually don’t read comments and I often wonder how celebs feel when they read hurt comments. I know how I feel when someone says something derogatory about me and I often wonder why people do that. It is a really sad trend tho…. some people even comment crap just to get the attention of other people. They really just need to grow up and put themselves in other people’s shoes.

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