Come Future, Come Fast

Come Future, Come Fast - elsieisyblog

By Adesola oyedepo

I sat on the chair which is plastic,I think with the mind which is magic,Where will my legs drive me?Where will my hands place me?I know where I came from,I wish to hear from that which is to come,I will certainly know my motto,If I can get a photo.It isn’t like now us Sodom,It isn’t like now is freedom,It isn’t like it’s Jerusalem,It really is what it is.I think that it is unfair,I have to face that fear,I closed my eyes in despair,To see if I can see a picture that is clear.Well even if I can’t paint a picture,Then I will gladly wait on my movie,I pray it is what the Lord has planned,And not what the World has planned.

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  1. Nice poem, I like the rhymes scheme, though the danger of losing flow came sometimes as you tried to follow through with the rhymes, but you did well. Keep writing.

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