Review: Prison Break Season 5 – E6

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In a moment of losing all hopes and throwing tantrums like two year olds, Lincoln remembers what Sheba had said about Omar having a way out and decides that though he wasn’t trustworthy he was escape-worthy.

Poseidon gets A&W and Gogh out of the phony cell and they discover that Michael had successfully broken out but killed Raman. Gogh voices his doubts about their mission yet again but A&W is all loyal and no-questions-asked agent.

When they successfully find Omar (I still can’t figure out how small Sana’a must be to find him to easily when militia were breathing down their necks), he tells them to get another vehicle as there isn’t enough in his, he tells them he was leaving through the desert. Whip is left behind with Omar, who knocks him unconscious. It turns out Omar set them up (if they knew the killers of Raman was coming to that vehicle, why not rig it with explosives or even have a whole battalion waiting instead of two boys tying their mother’s scarf around their noses and shooting like babies) but they get away and catch up with Omar. They take Omar with them because there is no map to navigate the desert.

Dialogue credit (Whip and Omar):

W: Rule number one in my country, if you cold cap a man, he kills you.

At the State Department, Kellerman’s junior Agent Kishida replaces him and he is asked by a superior to look into the possibility of an insider working with 21-Void and he is relieved of Kellerman’s file. He quickly fixes a meeting with the twins of coolness when he is alone.

The twins visit the NASA and A&W uses her influence as a former employee to get to use satellite systems to locate Kaniel Michael Outis.

Sheba and Linc do the mushy mushy thing again when she calls him en-route the desert, the NASA finds them using a trace on the call and they send out a drone to pull up video coverage. The entourage stops for fuel and Michael goes in to use the internet. Gogh calls the new leader of the ISIL militants and gives them Michael’s location. Cyclops jacks a car and follows the terrorists to hunt down the killers of Raman. (I wonder how it took them less time to find Michael and the gang than it took them who were fleeing to get to that gas station). Michael sends a screen capture of his open palm to who he was having a video conversation with. Whip finds out that Omar has only a bullet in his gun and the militants open fire on them and Raman is hit as they scramble for cover, he manages to get the fuel tank of a gasoline truck with the bullet and the militants are caught in the explosion. They flee when a car drives into view. Omar dies with the map in his head and they bury him in the desert, but the funeral was cut short as Cyclops shoots at them.

Trisha, the NSA contact chases them out and A&W gets angry with Gogh when he suggests they kill her to keep her from talking. They decide to look up what Michael was doing with the computer at the gas station.

Michael suggests that since their tracks made it easy for Cyclops to trail them, they were going to separate and leave him to choose a car to follow. Michael casts lots using rocks to decide who will drive the other car, deal with Cyclops and find them using Cyclops’ car, he picks the odd rock and gets to deal with their problem.

Dialogue credit (Lincoln Burrows)

LB: When Michael takes on the world, the world always loses.

With the car now running low on fuel Michael sneaks out when he is out of view behind a rock, then he places a stone on the pedal to keep it going until the tank is empty and the car halts. Cyclops falls for it and leaves his car to investigate, Michael gets to it and tries to drive away but he abandons it when he his shot at. He attacks Cyclops from atop the car and eventually stabs him in his only good eye but he is injured too. (I am disappointed in that fight scene Michael; you mean Alexandra Mahon taught you that knee breaking move for nothing?)

The twins of coolness visits the man they traced the photo message was sent to and are surprised to meet a man who was interested in collection of antiques.

The car Michael jacked from Cyclops dies and he continues on foot trying to trace the tracks Linc left. But by nightfall he is losing consciousness when the fireworks they were shooting gives him a sense of direction and he finds his way to them but he collapses and they find out that there is no doctor in town.

PS: I wonder why Linc seems genuinely scared that Michael may die, like: he is the freaking main actor nah. Then, I sense a showdown already as they can now get back to the States.

by Obinna Jones

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