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Figure of a stature of perfectionAffluently gifted with curvaceous thighsAnd a beautifully protruding bumInvoluntarily gyrating in accoladeOf their enviable nature

Chocolate and radiantAwarded with a token of melaninCould be deep and richly blackFlawlessly beamingA few shades of her skin

Raised cheekbonesPerfectly described by that wide smileExposing the little glowing whiteness in herAnd the kindness of her lipsA complimentary chin to shower her majestic looks

Kinky not even blonde nor silkyBlack,  not white nor colouredAfrican not American nor AsianThick or slender, that I don’t careBut I love my woman,  African and black

by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere

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    1. Koumba@TraditionalHairstyles These are the contact details of the poet, he is from Zimbabwe Email Whatsapp /call :+263777409467

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