Giveaway Winner – Tosin Olukuade’s ‘Son of my Father’

Giveaway Winner - Tosin Olukuade's 'Son of my Father' - elsieisy blog


Finally, I will be announcing the winners to my book Giveaway! Yes you heard read right – winners! I was going to give out just one copy but the very nice Author of the book – Son of my father, Tosin Olukuade decided to add one more. So I will be picking two winners *dancing shoki*

Like I said in my review post, the book is a must read and I am glad I can give out 2copies while I keep mine. *wink*

In response to the question asked for the Giveaway, we know there is really no right or wrong answer to such question but there are definitely answers that will touch your heart.

Since we’d be giving two copies instead of one, I will be giving the first one to the comment I loved most. I could relate and you should not even be surprised I loved it. The comment was from OpeOluwa and he wrote:

I, for one, I’ve always felt and this finally makes me confirm my hunch that I’m not the Son of my father; just like You wrote in the article, he only dropped sperm in a fertile mother and the rest is a story I’m not proud to share.

But well I have a mother that plays both roles and because I really crave to have a copy of that indispensable book I deem it fit to say some nice things about her. To start with, my mother is a man that’s only robed in a woman’s clothing. She is energetic, brave and hardworking. She does not neglect her duties and she never nags about having to bear so many responsibilities. My mother isn’t rich but I’ve never lacked food on my table or good clothes to wear.

My mother believes there is a supreme being greater than us all. She is prayerful and accountable in all her deeds and doings. She is generous to a fault; she doesn’t own anything that she can’t give out. Though she could be sometimes unpredictable and tend to behave like the humans that we all are but she leads a very simple and exemplary life. She’s an epitome of motherhood and a goddess to be worshipped.

All these and many more virtues she has passed on to her children. I’m a proud son of my mother and a promising proud father of my unborn sons.

I am proud to give this book to a proud son of his mother who will turn out to be a father whose children will be proud to call father by God’s grace. Amen

The second winner was picked by the Author himself – Tosin Olukuade. Victor wrote;

It’s amazing the vital role a father plays in the life of every human.For me my father (God rest his soul) taught me all the values ingrained in my person today as a man.I can well say say i am the son of my father because unconsciously, i see myself living out those core values that he always stood for and propagated.1.) Integrity and hard work pays: i recall one incident where some folks offered to give us the pirated version of dstv decoder to pay less. Dad turned it down, saying it was fraud and we should always hold integrity high so we won’t ever have to stutter. It was a vital learning point for us.2.) Responsibility : knowing there was a father in the house, we had no worries. Same faith i see my kids having in me today. As soon as daddy comes, he’d fix it. With daddy nothing is impossible. Its an ingrained faith engendered by being responsible.3.) Humility and forgiveness: towing this path by default convinces me that i am the son of my father. He always sounded the need for humility and the benefits of forgiveness, no matter how wrong you feel treated.4.) Spirituality: the very conscious belief that there is a supreme being that governs the affairs of man. To hold God above all else as that the essence of man.

Seeing myself living these core values convinces me daily that I AM THE SON OF MY FATHER.

Thank you Victor.

The winners – OpeOluwa and Victor should kindly send their details to or

I know this book will bless you both.

Thanks to everyone who dropped a comment – I love you all.


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