Co-Founder CrimsonBow SCI, Greg Emuze Launches His Book Titled ‘In The Shadows”

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Tech Enthusiast, Relationship, Sickle Cell and Fiction writer and Co-founder of CrimsonBow SCI , Greg “Enogie” Emuze has launched in ebook format his most acclaimed work thus far “In The Shadows”.In The Shadows Cover - elsieisy blog

Greg has an imagination and wits that are on overdrive. He struggles to channel all of these into telling impactful, entertaining and educative stories. He has diverse interests – automobiles, big data, governance, healthcare, technology, cryptocurrencies and more. He is a Product Manager in a Software company and Co-founder of CrimsonBow SCI, a faith-based NGO that focus on Sickle Cell in Nigeria.

The work of fiction is set in election-year Nigeria, a tale of political twist and turns infused with the personal lives and choices of its main characters. It is a dirty game without rules that brings love clashing with family, ideals clashing with success and the rending and mending of souls.

Greg says “This is my biggest work yet – in terms of length, richness of the plot, personality of the characters and conflicts. I start out simply enough but honestly get carried away by it all. I really did enjoy writing about a man who understands duty and gets it done no matter the costs but then has to give all of it up for a personal last-minute choice; and of course the lady that breaks him.”

In The Shadows follows the life of a vice-presidential candidate’s daughter who is being socially engineered by a mercenary hired by a supporter of the incumbent president. The story is told from the point of view of the lady and the mercenary whose mission is to somehow use her to derail her dad’s campaign and success at the polls.

The stakes are high and human life is not of much regard. There’s a kidnap gone wrong and a double-cross, a slew of fights and romantic moments all captured in great detail.

It promises to be gripping and entertaining.

In The Shadows by Greg “Enogie” Emuze Ebook began sales today August 22nd and is currently available on Okadabooks. Download their free app HERE

In the Shadows Okadabooks purchase link –

Also available on Buboox

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