Behind Closed Doors – 6

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Ajo pulled up his boxer shorts as he sat still for a moment by the bed, perspiring. Behind him, was the Missus, she had her back to the head of the bed frame. Beads of sweat had gathered on and around the tip of her nose as she exhaled and adjusted a bit.

They both sat still for a moment before the Missus broke the silence with a question.

“Who would’ve thought?”

Ajo was not sure if the question was directed at him; more so because he was not sure what the question was.

“I always imagined you had a big one but…mmm”

Ajo swallowed hard; some part of him struggled to hold back the smirk that pushed against the walls of his face in light of the sexualized compliment. However, the other part won the battle as he remained grounded in guilt without saying a word.

“Mmm…so you watch porn abi, hmmm…”

Ajo ignored that question.

“…because the styles you know ehn” she chuckled as she exhaled once again, shifting a bit on the bed as well.

Ajo remained seated on the edge of the bed, his mind trying to wrap his head around what had transpired between him and the Missus in the last ten minutes.

“How come you don’t even have a girlfriend?” the Missus’s question breaking through his rummaging thoughts and forcing a dud reply from him, “ehn”

“I said”, the she repeated, “why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Ajo thought to himself for a minute, pondering on the question and also wondering how she was trying to spark up a casual conversation with him, knowing fully well the despicable but licentious crime they had just committed.

He found himself wanting to turn around and shout at her and rebuke her for leading him into such an atrocious act but his mind roped him back with flash thoughts of her soft breasts and passionately he had gobbled down on her nipples moments ago while thrusting back and forth within her.

He was also a hypocrite to think her not showing any guilt made his own sins any less sinful because he felt so in the aftermath. The flash thoughts of how he had lost all inhibition and sense of morality shushed his judgmental thoughts towards the Missus.

He wished he could have resisted. But he knew he deep down that from the moment he had had a taste of her in their first chance encounter. There was only so much resisting that he could do. Two weeks later and there he was again but this time, she was drunk. His thoughts had then been interrupted with a follow-up question.

“I hope your eye is not on Felicia sha.”

Ajo turned around in surprise and his eyes met the brightly-lit eyes of the Missus as she broke into a little chuckle.

Her mirth caused him to feel more uncomfortable as he rose to his feet, wiped the sweat from his brow but still couldn’t make up his mind on what to do next.

“If your eye is on her, she is still a virgin and such a big thing like yours, hmm, na kill you go just kill am”. Her derisive laughter was reignited as she pulled herself forward on the bed towards him and grabbed him by the left arm, spinning him around to face her. She knelt on the bed and looked up towards him with remnants of the mockery still in her eyes.

“Felicia is a church girl, looking for love. Me, I don’t want anything, just servicing once a while.” As she said this, she pulled herself closer to him and pulled down his boxer shorts, exposing his erection that caused a wide grin on spread across her face.

Ajo had tried to pull back up his boxer shorts in resistance but she had already grabbed on to ass with her left hand and pulling him closer. He gasped, pleasurably.

“Es-Escu–” were the only words that had managed to escape his lips in feigned protest as she took half the length of his erection in her mouth.

“Oh God”

“Oh God!”

Ajo was snapped back to reality when he heard the remark from Felicia as she hurried past him, crossing over the Missus’s body on the floor and heading towards the sound of little Gloria’s voice.

He could hear Felicia’s voice from across the hallway as she tried to comfort the little girl.

“Glo-Glo, Mommy, and daddy went out to get you ice cream and will be back soon, you hear. Let’s go inside the room and watch a cartoon.”

“But aunty…why didn’t mommy wake me up, I want to follow her” Gloria returned in a quivering voice.

“Don’t mind mommy, okay. She and daddy are–”

That was the last thing Ajo’s ears could pick as he heard her open the door to the master’s bedroom and shut it behind her.

He sighed as he tried to compose himself, asking in succession, “what to do now, Ajo…what to do now?”

He moved closer to the Missus’ body and as he had seen in movies, he reached under her neck with his index and forefinger to check for her pulse. He waited for three seconds but wasn’t sure he had felt anything as his hands trembled. So, he reached to feel for his own pulse on his neck and to gauge just how a pulse was supposed to feel and then reached back down to feel below her neck again.

Two seconds passed and there was nothing. He repeated the same thing, this time, wrapping his fingers around his left wrist and then waiting for a few seconds. He felt his pulse; so, he reached back down and felt for the Missus’ pulse again but this time, lifting her right hand and wrapping his fingers around her wrist.

Three seconds passed and on the fourth, he felt something. He sighed with relief and then reached for the Missus’ neck to confirm the information being relayed to him by her wrist. Two seconds passed and on the third, he felt it.

“Oh, Jesus, thank you…she’s still alive”.

He quickly rose to his feet and looked around, not sure the next thing to do. He went towards the sink and the turned on the faucet to see if there was water. The water ran but he quickly turned it off, smacking himself on the forehead.

“Ajo you be fool”, he insulted, “you wan use water wake person wey dey bleed abi”.

He looked around the kitchen and then gasped loudly.

“Stop the bleeding idiot!” he rebuked himself as he hurriedly reached to grab a few table clothes from the top of the kitchen shelf and then knelt down beside the Missus’s body.

He lifted her head on his lap, her blood, smeared on his shorts as he held the table clothes to the back of her head and pressed down on it.

The sound of a door opening, terrified him as he remained still in fear but sighed a bit as he watched Felicia walk in through the door.

“We need to get her to the hospital immediately, Felicia. She has lost a lot of blood o”.

Felicia remained quiet for a moment before walking past him towards the store-room door.

“What is Gloria doing?” he asked.

“She is watching cartoons”

“Okay, oya come let us carry her up quickly.”

Felicia paused for a moment, before turning around to look at Ajo.

“Everybody should carry their own burden o”

“What?” Ajo replied, unsure about what she meant.

Felicia turned back around and without saying another word, opened the storeroom door and stepped inside.

Ajo heard a few things moving inside and then began hearing a dragging sound from inside the storeroom. Felicia’s back was first to come out of the storeroom as she crouched and pulled backward.

Ajo’s mouth was agape in shock as he watched her drag, by the legs, the almost lifeless body of the mister out of the storeroom, his eyes turned inside his socket and his right hand grabbing firmly to the left side of his chest.

Felicia stopped once the Mister’s entire body was out of the storeroom and then dropped his legs as she went across to shut the storeroom door.

Ajo just kept staring in shock, his hand still firmly holding the cloth that covered the Missus’s bleeding head as he moved his eyes from the Mister’s body sprawled out on the floor to Felicia.

Her eyes were tired but expressionless as she looked at Ajo for a moment and then moved towards the edge of the kitchen, where there was a window with a sliding glass. She slid the glass to the side to allow for some cool morning breeze to hit her face and then turning around to look at Ajo once again, she smirked.

“There’s only one way out of this,” she said, “play along.”


Before the word could leave Ajo’s lips, he heard a deafening scream from her; her face turned towards the open window!


by Mifa Adejumo

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