The godfather – Finale

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

It’s being an amazing journey, but the journey comes to an end. Thanks for following through. Do Read, Share on the available social media platforms, with friends and family, your comments are appreciated and needed. Thank you.Click here for all episodes if you missed anyMeredith Mavwe’s mother watch her daughter uneasily, she didn’t know what else to do. She have tried making her be at home, to blend into life as before but nothing seem to work. Maybe…just maybe she got so attached to Emilia’s family that she forgot her own family, could she have forgotten her own family? It can’t be. She frowned at the thought.“Mrs. Edewor, I think Mavwe has found her new family and we need to let her go be with them” Timon said.“We are her family Timon“Every lady has two family, the one she’s born into and the one she’s married into. Although she’s not married but she has gotten attached to that family already. I think if she wants to be with them, we should let her”“Is that what she really want?” Meredith asked“One way to find out: ask her”Meredith sighed.*********“Mavwe do you really want to be with them?” Meredith asked her daughter sitting on her bed.“I miss them”“If you want to be with them, you can”“I want dad released before I leave”“You have made your decision already?” Meredith asked a bit surprised.“Not really.”**********Emilia watch Garen from a distance as he helped the workers in the construction going on. She guessed the incident changed him, he wasn’t like this before. Maybe that’s a good thing.“You think bullets and a burnt house did all that?” Her mother asked standing next to her.“I guess so”“Do you think the staged accident of the godfather is good enough to divert them?”“I don’t have an answer to that” Emilia said looking away.“Are you still upset?”“Who wouldn’t?”“I know he will make it right”“You always had confidence in him but I don’t. I’m tired am going inside” Emilia said as she spotted Garen approaching.“Is she still upset?” He asked Mia when he got close to her.“Are you still upset?”I am not, however you put all our lives in danger and our house got burnt, you narrowly escaped death. If I were you I would take it seriously”“I am trying” Garen said honestly.“Try harder then”**********Garen leaned on the wall staring at a once beautiful garden now bare and fully of its aftermath of burnt. He recalled the incident, he had narrowly escaped dying. ‘Maybe it wasn’t all instincts, maybe I didn’t want her to die’ he thought within himself. ‘I brought her here, so I had every right to protect her’“Thinking about her” Emilia asked as she ran her hand through her hair. He didn’t say anything, she continued, changing the topic “It took mom months to plant all the flowers here rather used to be here. She didn’t allow anyone to help her” Emilia smiled at the memory“She didn’t let us anywhere near the garden till they sprung out”“I am not upset, it wasn’t easy for me or anyone watch you slip out of life. Delph even passed out“I am sorry”“Are you really sorry or you are saying it just so I would talk to you”“Both” Garen said. Emilia smiled, they remained in silence staring into the night.*********“I just got off the phone with Dafe, he will be here any minute. I am going to the office”“It may seem like a bad time but can I ask you something?”Mavwe glanced at her watch, she didn’t want to go late to the office but her mom has been itching to ask her something for days now and since she chose this moment, she can at least hear her out.“Sure”“What happen between you and Timon? Things was great between-” Mavwe interrupted her“Mom, people change and with that change come a different desire, a different goal, a different perspective. He wants a different thing and I the opposite. We are friends now”“But you guys have been together for a long time, you guys almost got married”“Almost engaged not married. There’s nothing left to save or fight for if that’s what you are implying. And don’t ask who called it off, somethings are meant for only a pair of ears” Mavwe said smiling._______________Mavwe didn’t feel her usual self, her father had been released but something felt out of place. She had decided to go visit Emilia and her family. But now that she was standing in front of their house, memories came flooding back. Nothing about the surroundings was the same she took a deep breath and knocked.“I knew you would come” Emilia said hugging her after letting her in.“In a good way right?”Yap. We have been expecting you“It has to be in a good way” Mavwe said smiling.They both went to the study to Smith and Mia, they didn’t notice her presence on time. The moment Mia saw her, she squealed in joy and hugged her.“Last time I saw that face of yours, you laid on the floor motionless” Smith said smiling, relaxing fully in his arm chair.“Thanks to your son”“How are you?” Mia asked“Good. I am sorry I couldn’t come sooner and I don’t know how long this time around“What’s important is you are here now”“Thanks for everything, things spilled out of control before I left and I never got to thank you“You are welcome” Smith said smiling.“Where’s Garen? I want to see him”“That’s what have been waiting to hear, he’s outside” Smith replied her grinning.Mavwe went outside and found Garen staring into space. She stood beside him, being here brought back memories. It’s a good thing they decided to build back their home after the fire incident.“Seems different right?” Mavwe asked, Garen was a bit startled, he didn’t realize someone was standing beside him.“Yea” He answered, paused and continued. “I am sorry about everything, I didn’t mean to put you through any of it”“I am hanging in there, somewhere near getting over it. To think that if you hadn’t taken stepped in when you did….”“I am the reason you were there in the first place so I’d to protect you”“You don’t have to any more…..” Mavwe said looking at him.“Delph…..if you can then forgive me”“I have forgiven you Garen, what I want you to know is that if you weren’t living a double life then maybe…..just may be there would have been ‘US’ but I only know a part of you, what about the other part? Being the godfather? I am not going to judge you…… But you’re who you are and I can’t change that, I saw a side of you being Garen then a glimpse of the godfather. I don’t know what you are involved in and I can’t ask myself every second if I made the right choice, if he will survive, looking behind for targets or red mark on my body cause a sniper somewhere has orders. It’s hard to forget what I and my family went through because of the godfather but that’s not the reason I didn’t help with your family. I didn’t help because I wanted you to understand that family is important and have to give it your all to make it whole even though it costs you everything…..even though it cost you all….. I know you are trying to make it right with your family and I appreciate the fact that you want me on my terms not godfather’s…..I didn’t come back for you, I came to say goodbye. Your family is whole and mine is also, I thank you for that. I am sorry but I can’t be with you…..”“This is goodbye?”“It is…….. Don’t get me wrong, I care about you but not sure I love you. Not because there’s someone else, there isn’t but I can’t be with you and I can’t live like that. I don’t want to”“I understand. Do you really have to go right now?” Garen asked“No”“Good, I didn’t want you to leave just yet.”“I wasn’t planning to” Mavwe said smiling. Not sure what the future holds but knows one thing that she can’t be with Garen. ‘I hope you made the right decision’ Mavwe thought within herself. She glanced at him, he has been staring at her. He smiled and left.

Written by Gere Ochuko and she blogs at

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  1. I really don’t get it. No structure, missing points, semantic and syntactic errors. It would gave made a good story but… well, the writer seems young, very young with a big imagination. The story just isn’t well put together.

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