#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Oju Omamogho

We met on the streets of the words you said,”You can never love me,Our hearts as one is not meant to be”Became music in my head.I needed to understand,For we had just met,And all I wanted was a helping hand,But that wasn’t what you felt.I had pure intentions first when I saw you,But you said that,And all I could think of was bad plans for youThe type that will make you want me to want you.Started with getting you to fall,Putting on a perfect show of charisma,And chivalry that made me seem exceptionally tall,Making you trust me so I be the first you would want to call.

Became a constant face in your life,Would sometimes tease you, calling you my wife,You started to feel I was special,In your head you and I was the perfect picture.Me and you all the time,Would have felt like we were stuck in time,But I was counsious of my actions around you,Had to be courteous, just so you can enjoy the view.Every evening I would take you on a tour,Visit new places until you said stop,

But you never did.Even when we ended on your bed, with your dress been unzipped.Got you high on the love,and you were never coming down,You started to feel it was from above,Every time I took you from under your gown.Your moans were like music from a nightingale,Sweet to the ears,But you were a wild one,Sometimes I called you a dark angel.No denying that you were beautiful,Probably if we had met in better circumstances,The relationship would be fruitful,But I hurriedly called it off; my foolish ignorance.It was after the height of your climaxMultiple orgasmsAs I watched your body move to be pressed to mine.Months later after setting us apart I realised I want you to be mine.Now I hear your voice,a whisper in the air,”No one will ever love you like me”And this now I can tell.It is like a memory unshed,When I think of How you fell,You were shy and guarded,But you still opened up the cell.Melting your walls,You said been me made you fall,I wish being me now can make u call,For I have come to realise baby you’re my all.Hard to admit,But loving you was without permitIn my attempt to break your heart,I awoke my dead beating heart.Loving you now is unbearable,As even with busy days,I still miss you and would go on my knees,Which doesn’t seem honourable.Darling oh my darling!

If only you are here with me,wrap your hands around me,One more time,Put your lips on mine,So this little love light shine,Then I will never let go anymore,I will hold you forever,For you are and always will beMon Chéri Amour!!!

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