Abako (Pidgin series) – 2

abako - pidgin series

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Rat wey go follow lizard play for rain, make e remember say after d rain, if lizard shake bodi, e don dry. Pesin no dey scratch bodi as bodi take scratch am, or else e bodi go peel.

Timo na one kind ugly man like dat, but God bless am with height. E no too slim, e just get beta body. Na kind pesin wey Timo be, e soft for mind. But Timo get one character, e too dey follow crowd, pipu dey quick influence am.

Out of d squad wey Timo dey move with, na only him different from dem. All of dem mind dey dia back and dia way no pure. If u fall for dia trap, abeg no dey dia dictionary. Na dat kind eye pipu take dey look Timo, only pipu wey close to am naim know how Timo truly be.

Timo na Mama Tasty special friend, na customer wey dey give am other customers. Timo dey always make am e duty to carry all e guest come Mama Tasty restaurant, dis na part of the reasons Mama Tasty like am. If u dey look for person wey dey owe, Timo na d last pesin wey u go see.

Apart from business, Timo get special tin wey e dey do for Mama Tasty; happenings for the town no dey pass Mama Tasty back since she know Timo. Timo dey always get info about anything wey dey hapun for dis Abako town, all the koro and apian for the town dey Timo fingertips. Na d kind man wey Timo be.

E no go surprise anybody say as dis tins dey happen, as Shaba don carry belle, the first pesin wey Mama Tasty dey use eyes find na Timo. She don wait patiently since d day wey d matter hapun; d tin hapun on Tuesday but na only weekends Timo dey reach Mama Tasty side. Dis na d longest week for Mama Tasty life, she don use all her patience take wait for Timo.

As she wake up on Friday, the first tin wey dey her mind na say Timo go show her side. She no doubt say Timo go see news give am, she believe Timo finish for this kind matter. She rush go her restaurant that morning, meanwhile she don already send her girl make dem go give Shaba food for where she dey stay for uncompleted building, coz Shaba dey hardly come out nowadays.

Mama Tasty don wait taya, but finally d time don reach wey Timo take dey show face. Mama Tasty don sidon for outside dey look like vulture wey see fowl wey dem take serve juju. Anybody wey pass, she go turn, neck sef go don dey pain am.

Day don dey dark, 8.30pm don pass. Timo never still show face. Mama Tasty don begin worry. How her day go be, depend on say she see Timo, and d Timo no come show face, eh? But Mama no gree give up. Her mind dey tell am say Timo no dey come today again, but she no wan gree. If say she get Timo number, matter for soft. But Timo don change line like eight times. Na until 10pm wey Mama son call am for phone, naim she take know say time don really go. She don vex belle full.


Day don really dark well; Mama never stay reach dis time before. Small fear don begin catch am. She quickly arrange her money for her bag, and as she come out wan enter her car, naim person touch am for back.

Mama mind fly. She hala, “Jisos!” Her body cold and she take style wan turn back. D pesin hand grab wella coz Mama feel am. She see e boot, Mama neva see dat kind boot before. To turn na wahala. Three seconds come be like five hours for Mama head. D pesin hand neva still comot from Mama shoulder, and d oda shoulder naim Mama hang d bag wey all d money wey she don sell dey.

Finally naim d pesin yarn “Mama chill, calm down.”

As Mama hear d voice, na small tin remain she for don piss for body. D voice no resemble wetin she don hear before. But den Mama come gada courage to turn. D face b like wetin she don see before, but she no remember wia she for know am.

“Who u b and why u go tap anoda man wife like dat for shoulder dis night ehn?” Mama dey form boss, but her voice show say she dey fear.

“Sorry ma, I no mean to make u fear, no vex ma.” D guy dey smile as e yarn.

“No, no b about fear. I no fear. Just dat d way u tap me no good.” Mama don dey confident as she don turn face am.

“Well, Mama make I no waste your time. I be Timo friend, we don come your corner togeda before, and Timo dey always yarn me about u. Erm…eh…like dis, area don cast and I dey on d run…” No smile dey for d guy face. All e eyes don shook come out. E carry mouth near Mama ears dis time.

“Eh…Timo dey cell like dis and dem fit kpai am for d matter so.”

Before Mama gada herself yarn, my guy don move comot like rabbit wey tiff corn from trap.

Written by Chuky One Pilla

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