woman bomb knocked out

The bus kept crawling on like an over-fed agama lizard. The passengers kept cursing the driver in different languages for putting a scrap of a vehicle on the road but like the legendary Job, the elderly driver suffered all their insults silently and focused on the road.Abdul shifted his gaze from staring out of the window by his left to look at the bus occupants, what he see suited him: fear!The man closest to him on the right would not meet his bearded gaze and the woman directly in front of him kept turning her head so often that he wondered if she would reach her destination with her neck intact.Abdul wasn’t a fool, he knew what they thought, he knew how he looked. His heavily bearded face, the little white cap on his clean shaved head. He felt something move in his stomach: Shit! He almost exclaimed a loud. The time bomb was ticking, he didn’t want the innocent occupants to suffer from it, his destination was still far. He tried his best to control it, but it was difficult. He squeezed his eyes shut as beads of perspiration formed on his forehead. He opened his eyes and the woman seated in front looked back at him for the millionth time during their journey. She saw the sweat and her eyes widened.Abdul prayed …But it was too late …He tried to hold it …But the bomb escaped from his stomach …It silently discharged through his anus …The bus became filled with the thick smell of digested-rotted beans.’Damn you! Iya Nuru’ Abdul said silently and threw his face back out the window as the passengers changed the direction of their curses to whoever had released the bomb of ‘mess’ in the bus.#SayNoToKillingsWritten by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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