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By Dablac

It’s been years from when we used to be wannabesBeing everything, yet, there are things that we wanna beLike being whatever good out there to seeOvercoming every obstacle that we ever face

Its been years from when we used to be nothing realBut now we are real but there are things that we want for realLike immortality coz death killsAnd when you promise tomorrow, he just laugh at it

Its been years from when we were little kidsLocked in the house, never see the light of streetsNow we are on the street but still we never strictCoz to survive is by wisdom not by strength

Its been years since we broke our first ruleCoz living breaking them then sounds coolAnd living a legal life just aint legal tooEven though illegal is legal too

It’s been a long time  since we last sawSince the time of the big fallWhen you said you had be on d road till home callsBut your network aint reachable, I guess you street toursAnd you always say hold unto urself, don’t lose your courseCoz if it’s right to you, then it is, of course

Memories of me stoning as you cook in the kitchenWhen you cook what I can cook but still you teach meAnd I will laugh and still say it aint funnyBut you say bro, u gotta keep learningAnd I aint saying I had no shortcomingsBut I feel ashamed I never said sorryI’m preparing for my homecomingWhile I hope u are home warmingIt’s a dark world, thanks for lighting my pathAnd till I see you again, these memories I won’t forget

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