#BlogFest: How To Improve Your Emotional Well-Being and Feel Less Pain

#BlogFest: How To Improve Your Emotional Well-Being and Feel Less Pain

#Blogfest 2:0 Day 25 – #30DaysCountDownTo2016

Linda’s whole world had come to an end.

Like a tragic movie, it started with love, dreams, and the hope for marriage and then ended up with betrayal, hate, breakup and finally heart ache.It seemed that Linda’s pain was going to be the victor. It seemed that her entire world was going to be in chaos forever but despite the chaos, she decided to do something about it.Linda wanted to ease her emotional pain. It seemed to win day after day and it was hurting her; making her feel hopeless.So she decided to do the weirdest thing that people find so difficult to do.She decided to take control of her emotions.To achieve this goal, Linda had to fix this issue and thankfully, you have the opportunity to see how Linda was able to be free.So if you have been hurt and felt that life is hopeless. If you want to take control of your emotion and be full of Joy, join me as we go on Linda’s journey to improve your emotional well-being and feel less pain. Let’s go.

1. Don’t Deny Your Emotion

Linda was losing intention and productivity. Signs were showing that her health was depreciating; Linda didn’t want to suffer from diseases caused by unstable emotion.So it was time to face the truth. No point sweeping her emotions under the carpet.She decided that her experience was painful but it had happened. So what was next? Linda thought to herself.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to sweep your emotions under the carpet. It is dangerous to your health. Don’t deny your emotions. Feel them as it is the beginning of healing to every pain.#BlogFest: How To Improve Your Emotional Well-Being and Feel Less Pain

2. Learn to Let Go

“If you don’t forgive those who have hurt you, you give them power of you. When you forgive you are in control of yourself and emotions.”― Lailah Gifty Akita

It was time to let go. It was time to move forward. It was time to get rid of the pain. This wasn’t going to be easy but Linda had to take the plunge to freedom.

She had a bad experience. No a terrible experience! but there was no benefit holding on to them, she had to let them go. But she sighed “Why me “

Are their negative emotions that are eating you up in your heart. Are you going through so much emotional pains? It is time to let go. Learn to forgive. Sort out this issue and get rid of it. No issue is too big to sacrifice your health.


3. Guide Your Self Esteem

What did I do wrong? Why did this happen me? What an embarrassment?… Thoughts kept flooding her mind. Linda believed that whatever happened to her was her fault. She must have done something wrong. Was she going to be able to love again?

I am not going to allow this to shape my world. Linda finally resolved. Whether she was at fault or not, she was going to make it work. She would learn from her mistakes and move on.

Don’t let anything tarnish your Self Esteem. This because there is a sync between your Self-esteem and your emotion. A negative Self Esteem will result in Negative Emotion. So guide your Esteem with all diligence.

4. Learn to Tame Rejection

Linda was getting better now. She had begun to go to fun places with her friends.Linda was laughing which was a good sign because it helped her remove stress. Her family could see that Linda was sparkling with Joy.However Linda struggled with rejection. Her past experience was still registered in her heart and she was scared to have another relationship.With the help of family and friends, Linda found her reassurance. Day by Day, she learnt to accept herself and didn’t need the validation of others to value her worthiness. She understood that conflicts and rejections are bound to happen but she could move past the storm because she had the power to react to all challenges and circumstances.Now she was ready for relationship. She was ready to shape her future.

Now Rejection is so painful and can register in your brain like physical pain. In order to combat the issue of rejection, you must remind yourself of what you have to offer. You must be aware of those attributes that you possess that makes you stand out and dwell on those attributes.

Linda realized that she was free. She had started all over and got past the hurt. What started as chaos turned out to be a bliss for Linda.

You don’t have allow your emotions to rock your world. You can be free and full of Joy.

Written By Awazie Ikechi. He blogs at awazieikechi.com

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  1. This is quite helpful. I needed to see this.Thank you Ikechi.I am enjoying the blogfest already. Something to look forward to before i sleep ….thank you guys!

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