So What Are You Doing About It?

so what are you doing about it?

I was being naughty with my all time naughty friend yesterday when I told him how flat I want my tummy to be so I can break the Internet with some sexy bikini pictures and maybe land on Linda Ikeji …LOL

He looked at me in his usual sexy geeky manner and said ‘so what are you doing about it?’

Well…we talked about what I am doing about it which was basically plans in my head – Plans waiting for the appropriate time. Procrastination!

However, it got me thinking. Most of us have got dreams. Well planned out in our heads. We wish for beautiful things…a better Life…a bae…a new Car….a new house….

But the question we all should ask ourselves is, ‘what am I doing to achieve this dream/goal/target?

Are you busy doing nothing or are you working towards it all.

You know what happens when opportunity meets you prepared right?

So what are you doing about it?

What steps are you taking daily to draw you closer to your goals?

Are you waiting for it to be handed you on a platter of gold?

Remember no goal is achieved without a price. You have to work for whatever it is you want it get. The big shots of today did not just come out one day, they started somewhere, they put in a lot of work until they hit the target. And of course, they still have even more work to do.

I don’t know what your targets are, but make conscious effort to get yourself one step closer to that target daily. Start doing something about it.

So tell me, what do you secretly wish for and what are you doing about it?

Have a beautiful week.

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  1. Procrastination is definitely the biggest thief of time. I’m striving hard to beat it.

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