You Are Not Cheap

You are so cheap <– these words and more are the type of words people hear (especially ladies) then decide to live above their means or step up their game in the wrong way. To please same set of human beings who will stand up to judge their... Read More

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Lessons From October

Lessons From October - elsieisy blog

October was good to me and I learnt few lessons. These lessons might not be new to you or me, but they were resounding and I want to believe it’s now loud and clear to me. I had the opportunity of Hosting The Magazine Show on Happenings Radio for the... Read More

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The brown Pants

The brown Pants - elsieisy blog

By Nora Oma Patrick Few days ago, one of my friends called me, she was like ,”Oma you can’t believe what happened to me today!” She told me the story that inspired this post : Some time ago, a store called Hudson Bay had this... Read More

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Follow The Lines

FOLLOW THE LINES - elsieisy blog

By Blessing Alikeju My elder sister and her 3-year old son were working on his nursery one assignment. I think he was meant to colour objects and connect lines with his pencil. Coaching him, my elder sister said, “Follow the lines”. Very simple... Read More

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