How to Prevent Being Ghosted After the First Date

Have you seen people who have been ghosted after the first date? Or have you been ghosted after the first date? You may be wondering what went wrong.

Many people are ghosted because the other person is probably not interested in the affair, or the other person was bored with the date. It could even be that the other person does not reciprocate the interests of that person. While both of you don’t need to share the same interests, you usually have a reaction towards someone’s interests, which shows if you are okay with them or not. So here are ways of preventing being ghosted after the first date.

Be attentive during the date

Be sure to understand your date’s interests, challenges, and aspirations. Once you understand your date, you’d understand how to speak with him or her. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to share their interests; instead, you should be really interested in them. If you have gone out with an artist, you could say, “you should send some of your art works to me. My friend may want to purchase one. I could purchase one myself”. 

Call them after the date

Thank your date for a lovely time, and indicate that you’re hoping to spend another moment with him/her. You could also compliment the person’s dressing for the date. It can be something like this: “I fancy that shirt you wore tonight, I like the colour too.” You should also call to know if your date had a safe trip back home to show that you care about them. 

Send a cute text that connects with your discussion

If your date had probably said he was a fan of Michael Jackson and was sad when he died, you could get home and text ‘MJ lives on <3’. There is nothing sweeter than this text for a Michael Jackson fan. If your date is a Beyonce fan, you could send a text like ‘I’m disappointed in Beyonce for not knowing a special person like you’. These texts really touch the heart, and it’d be wonderful if it could be a night text. This is something your date can sleep into or wake up with, depending on whether he/she has slept for the night already. 

Don’t act too clingy, stay cool 

Some people like ‘clingy’ and later detest it. However, you should not be too clingy to your date. It should be official first; that’s why it’s the first date. If you act too clingy, it would seem as if you’re suffocating him or her; your date may not understand that you’re preventing being ghosted, so just take a chill pill. Also, don’t ask for an evaluation of your “performance” during the date. Don’t ask, “so, did I do well?” or “do you like the way I talk?” C’mon! It’s not sex talk. If your date likes you, they’ll tell you. Besides, it’s not by force for them to like you anyway, right? Don’t force it, please. 

Don’t ask very personal questions, not yet 

Your date definitely can’t trust you just at the first meeting. You shouldn’t ask very personal questions yet. You should ask general questions based on a Wikipedia biography – early life, education, career, etc. Deep Personal life questions should be out of it and be saved for another day. 

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