Blog Festival | HI | by Jagunmade Rilycks Damilare

It took a long time to comethis exhilarating feeling I have always craved.And when all hope seemed lostYou caught me off guard.I stared hard ahead far too longthat I never saw you coming from behind.You came around and whispered into my heartSoftly you breathed the word “Hi”. Day by day,The Hi grew into beautiful conversationsI became fond of youYou captured the whole of my heartWith that smile so out of this worldYou got me floating high above the cloudsI wonder how far apart we would have beenIf you never said the word “Hi”. Now we stand firmly togetherUpon the threshold of a beautiful foreverReady to take that surreal dive,The wind blowing sweet melodies into our earsThen you whispered those words that touched my soulThe very depth of my heart came alive once againWhen you told me you love meJust as you did your first word “Hi”. With you on this mesmerising voyageI feel complete and perfectYou can take my hand and lead the wayBe my guardian angelWe started off as strangersNow you are the closest to my soulMy fortune and yours changed foreverThanks to that one word, “Hi”.

Jagunmade Rilycks Damilare is a political and human behavioural scientist that has adapted himself to the dynamics and complexities obtainable in human relationships present in our society, in a bid to lead a positively productive environment that fosters personal and organizational growth and development. I’m a socio-political analyst who has vast interests in issues ranging from politics, sports, human relations, religion, literature, communal co-existence, etc. I’m a versatile, dedicated and intuitive young man who is self motivated and determined to be successful.

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  1. This is short and beautiful just say hi and giving a smile could warm some ones heart or find you a husband. aunties listen up..??

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