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Don’t know if you have noticed but it’s the Last day of the last month of the year and words can’t describe how I feel. Although I know I am filled with praises and thanksgiving. I am super excited, thankful and grateful. Thankful especially for life – a year well spent. If you are not in the same mood as me right now then listen to read this –

You are alive – this year recorded the highest number of Terrorist attack in Nigeria and beyond, but you are still here o, reading this. You did not catch uncle Ebola and uncle Ebola did not see you, you think you are sharp abi? Or you are too clean and careful to get the disease? Do you need me to give you figure of dead person (Thanks to Ebola)?

Now look around you, you have shelter, you have food and you have clothes. You are walking freely, talking freely, looking freely, eating freely, you don’t have pipes running in your system, you are full of hope, ….. Need I go on?

Even if you are suffering from some kind of medical situation, God still kept you. You are breathing. Some have died cause of slight headache. Some weren’t even sick at all, no complain but death found them, either by accident or otherwise. But you have life – you have hope. You should be thankful.

And then you are in Nigeria, reading this and not thankful? You have DATA – MB, to browse the internet (Dear foreign readers, you can not imagine how expensive and frustrating data is here but we are thankful… 😀 ) and you are not thankful..smh. Pick up your calculator…er…no need to go far sef, your phone has a calculator, check how much you have spent on Data from January to December…You are still not Thankful? Then you can never be thankful and peace of conscience is far from you.

Appreciate the little you have now and see greater things happen to you. You are still alive for a purpose, not because you are better than the dead, but because God kept you for a purpose, find that purpose, walk in that path and remain thankful.

However, I have too many people to be thankful for, first is you, you and you my esteemed readers. THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you for each time you have open a link to read a piece here, I am so so grateful. Special thanks to the responsive readers – they are the ones who endeavor to send in feedback via using the comment box and sending emails. I say may your well of riches never run dry.

Another special thank you to every writer that participated in the #BlogFest , (if you missed the #blogfest series then you better start catching up) I had over 50 writers send in their articles and I am sincerely humbled. I didn’t even have to chase the awesome ladies and Gentlemen around, they came through. Even the ones I didn’t talk to, sent in their articles. You all don’t know how happy you made me and you probably will never know because such joy cannot be quantified. I love you all soooooo much. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! After reading those articles, I would rather you all call me a “blogger” and not a “writer”. I dey learn work abeg. (PS – we still have the last Blogfest post going up by 1pm today, do not miss that)

To my families, friends, friends turned family, acquaintances, fans, lovers, official and unofficial advisers, everyone that has made an effort to make Elsieisy grow, I say THANK YOU.

And to my contributors, official and unofficial, I say Thank you.

2015 will be bigger and better! I hope you all are ready!

The blog will resume dishing out awesome articles from awesome writers, including more news, political gist, entertainment gist and many more on the 7th of January 2015. And my humble self, Elsie Godwin will be doing bigger and greater things in the media by God’s grace, I will do my best in carrying everyone along. I can’t do this alone, I need you all. If you have any suggestion, complaint, want to feature your stories and articles, or you just want to be part of kindly send a mail to

Also send a mail to for blog endorsement, advert placement and social media hypes.

For now, catch me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook group and Facebook page and BBM channel

See you in 2015!!!!Happy new year

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  1. Being alive really is enough to be thankful. After all them talk say “when there is life there is hope” so even if u’re yet to get that dream job, car, house, spouse, etc just remember that saying

  2. I thank God in all things ooo. I know there were days i complained but when i look at how far i have come in life i know it is baba God. It was fun being part of the blogfest. Let’s do it bigger this year *wink wink* Happy new year dear.

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