Blog Festival | The gods have had their way with us | by Opara Chizaram


We were both lovers

Enthralled in Cupid’s game

Ensnared in his trap

We wrapped our bodies around each other

We promised each other heaven on earth-

A forever,

Something everlasting

But the gods had their ways with us


And now Obim

You are gone to meet with Chi

We cannot have together forever anymore.

I regret I didn’t write you a poem

Before you left.

The gods sure have a terrible way

Of showing their regard

For our love.


But Obim

I promise you

That I’d treasure the memories

You made with me

Those we made together,

Of dancing under moonlit skies

During moonlight festivals,

Of watching the Mmuo

Even though females were not supposed to be out

How you gave me your clothes to disguise

And held my hands past all the masquerades

As they paraded.


Of our spot,

The dull garden

Behind the Ube tree

That belonged to Mazi Ibe

And how you always joked about the rhyme


His name made with the fruit

Ube Mazi Ibe

I laugh now.



I would have followed you

To meet with the gods

And queried their inconsideration

But I am with child

Yes! Your seed has sprouted a baby

I was to tell you yesterday

But sought to do it in a romantic way

Thinking we had all the years ahead.

The gods have had their way

But with this child,

We yet still have our way.

Watch over us Obim

I love you forever.


©Opara Chizaram Adaobi


The highlighted words are Igbo words and their meanings are:

Obim– My love, My heart

Mmuo– Masquerade( believed to be spirit beings)

Ube– (small pear)

Mazi Ibe– Mr Ibe( Ibe is an Igbo name)

Opara Chizaram is a fourth year law student at the University of Ibadan. She is a young lady with burning passion to create a lasting and positive impact in this world of ours. Writing for her, isn’t only a hobby but a medium to reach the world.

Her blog “musingsbyzaram” is a platform to share her musings with the world. She is a story teller and poet. Her short stories and poems have been published on several online and offline platforms. You can read some of her musings on her blogsite:

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