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I am too soft hearted - poetry on elsieisy blog

The heart is like a room: with a door to enter or exit. Some people stand in the door way for too long procrastinating; “Do I go in or do I stay out”? We can only accommodate the presence for a while, before we make a decision.

Do you want to come inside? Be my guest “mi casa , su casa”. Grab a seat and make yourself comfortable. Do you want a drink of water or a cup of tea? What kind of music do you like: Jazz, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, R n B or you like the kind that serenades?

Let me indulge you in a little stimulating, intellectual discussion. Let’s get down to brass tacks: What do you consider fun? I would be open with you; as long as you keep it real with me, I’ll keep it hundred. You know the type right?  TITANIC: “ You jump, I jump” that kind of thing.

If you had a nice time you can sleep over or come back another day. You want to spend the weekend? It’s all good, knock yourself out. Leave a change of clothes or two or maybe three. Feel free to drop in anytime just give me a heads up, okay? You might need a key, no problems you can have the spare one.

But remember one thing and respect it: It’s my heart, my sanctuary and my rules so take good care of it. Nurture it and cherish every second, every minute and every hour spent here. It has an elastic limit, so please don’t overstretch it, because like a rubber band it will snap.

Leave it wholesome and in the condition you met it; inviting and happy so that if you ever want to leave, another person will appreciate it. Or I might be pushed to keep it under lock and key and refuse access to the other people.

Do not stand by the door way; one foot in and the other out inadvertently or not concealing the vision for the would be guest. It’s either you are in or you are out, because there are other people waiting, some patiently and others impatiently.

They are curious to know what is in the inner chambers of the heart. Willing to take the chance of the sacrifice, the adventure the uncertainty of it all.

The waiting is like a veiled dress: it heightens the interest, the yearning to open Pandora’s box, the desire to eat the forbidden fruit.

There’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll find love. You can only get what you bring into the heart, it’s like your reflection in the mirror. When you smile, it smiles back at you. And when you frown, it frowns back at you.

So if your heart is filled with bitterness, resentment, pain, anger and pride you will only attract the same. You see no matter how clean a house is, if you walk into it with mud covered shoes and dusty clothes, you’ll mess up the house.


Chukwudi Ukachi is an entrepreneur and an administrator. A freelance writer, blogger, and graphic designer. Chukwudi graduated from the Universty of Abuja, where he obtained degrees in computer science and Business Administration. He is presently working on improving his blog: ( and a book project on motivation.

He currently resides in kaduna, Nigeria.

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